The Crypt of Civilization

It was a matter of great honour for Shri Yogendraji, Founder of The Yoga Institute to receive the letter from The Advisory Board of Oglethorpe University which said that they have selected 4 books on Yoga practices, for inclusion in the Crypt of Civilization.

The Crypt was one of the greatest historical projects conceived by Dr. Thornwell Jacobs, then President of the Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Georgia. According to the Guinness Book of World Records (New York, 1990) Crypt of Civilization is the first successful attempt to bury a record for any future inhabitants. The Crypt of Civilization contains carefully preserved microfilmed information regarding the science and civilization of 1936 A.D and 960,000 pages of Encyclopedias, legal books, literature of various languages, finest paintings, scientific instruments, costumes, food products, household utensils, etc. Being the first of its kind, the Crypt was featured in publications and radio broadcasts worldwide.

Out of the 700 books selected by a panel of eminent judges from millions of books available for selection, only a few were selected from India, out of which 4 books from The Yoga Institute were included in the Crypt of Civilization. These books underwent many re-prints without change and translations in many languages. Today, they are known under the following titles:

Yoga Personal Hygiene by Shri Yogendraji: A detailed and authoritative book on Yogic practices for internal and external cleansing, poise and control of body and mind, non-violent, non-fatiguing physical exercises and breathing exercises.

Yoga Asanas Simplified by Shri Yogendraji: This book presents a balanced course of simple yoga postures which are both traditional and scientific.

Hatha Yoga Simplified by Shri Yogendraji: The ancient science of Hatha Yoga has been simplified in this book which deals with some important topics like respiratory activity, sexual drive and its control, brain and nervous system, skin and hygiene in general.

Yoga Physical Education for Women by Smt. Sitadevi Yogendra: This book evolved after decades of clinical and laboratory research to suit the special needs of women. It outlines yoga psychosomatics for treatment of diseases like overweight, diet, sex, painless childbirth, neurasthenia, relaxation and mental health.

It is a matter of great pride that the work of The Yoga Institute has been preserved as an authoritative representation of our civilization. So let us experience and practice the teachings of these priceless books.

During the second World Householders’ Yoga meet (WHY II) on 25, 26 and 27th December, 2012, in celebration of the 94th Foundation Day of The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, we invite all to come and explore the science of yoga handed over to us from our ancient culture. Let us learn to imbibe it in our daily lives and keep the heritage alive.

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