The Price for Honesty

Dr. Patanjali J. Yogendra
A young chartered accountant, working in a prestigious firm, was lured by another company which was offering him the opportunity to make at least three to four times his present salary. The only hitch, he was warned, was that he would have to use unfair means.
At dinner that night the boy asked his mother for her opinion. After a moment’s silence she looked at him and replied, “Son, you know when I come to wake you up in the morning I call out to you and you do not respond. Then I shake you a bit and you give out a little moan. Finally I shake you as hard as I can and sometimes even sprinkle some water on your face and finally you slowly open your eyes. Son, I would hate to come in morning after morning and find you awake.”
Saying this she got up and left. The boy got his answer. He turned down the new job offer and decided to stick with his old company.
We are often lured by the prospects of a better life. More often than not it necessitates an amount of compromise on our part in various areas. If we however, look at it in an objective way we will realize that the price we have to pay is far greater than the benefits we are to receive. Truthfulness accompanied by a detached attitude is what is recommended in yoga.
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  • Sunita Joshi
    Posted at 21:02h, 22 May Reply

    Very well said in a brief but convincing story,

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