Tek Mirchandani
Every visitor, who came and settled in their drawing room, looked around
for the environment ambience. Finally stopped for a brief moment to
admire the pair of White Swans displayed on the glass shelf along with
other artifacts.
The birds were small, made in white porcelain, but cute enough to catch
every eye and enquire from the hosts as to how was it that the pieces
were small but yet aroused the curiosity of the onlookers.
The truth was that the couple had not bought the pair themselves. It was
a friend, who during one of his foreign trips to San Francisco, saw them
at Fishermen’s Warf and bought as a befitting gift for his friends, as a
remembrance. However the receivers never inquired or imagined the
reasons as to why the swans were a present – that too a couple.
The friend who had gifted the beautiful birds, had quietly watched the
host couple at close quarters. Handsome, always well dressed, forever
eager to render social service at the Institute. Be it counseling the
patients who came to seek relief from pain or imparting training to
would-be teachers.
The students were trained to artfully present plays, skits and other
programs that were staged on Sunday morning Satsangs.
The admirable couple, busy with their separate professional lives and
bringing up and training their young daughter, worked and walked with
such harmony, that they were truly comparable to swans and no less.
Anyone with a keen observation would never miss the splendid qualities
of a couple so outstanding. How could words be used ?
The friend expressed his sentiments and appreciation by presenting them
an appropriate gift – The Swans.

Published in the April 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.

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