T.M.P. Mahadevan.

His holiness Chandrashekhar Saraswatui Vyasa classified Vedic literature.

It was vast, five thousand years back there were 1180 branches of the Vedas.

Today we have only 8 left.

The division contained all details about performing activities from birth to death.

Kural in Tamil is equal to the Vedas. It is part of Indian culture.

Five thousand years back Vyasa classified the veda into branches (Shakha) to make it possible for a simple individual to study and benefit. The Shakhas have a threefold division.

The kings of those days granted srotriyam village to scholars who studied the Veda all their life.

No tax was levied on such villages even till this day. India is the only such country where generations of families performs duties relating to spiritual welfare without engaging themselves in —- profession. Upasana mantra are recited. In Kerala Nambudiar Brahmins are known for their vedic study.

Gayatri Japa should be done without fail. Gayatri is the quintessence
of the Vedas.

Published in the Sept 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.

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