Mithibai College B.A. Philosophy Students at The Yoga Institute

The Yoga Institute conducted Camp for Mithibai College B.A. Philiosophy Students

The Yoga Institute conducted Camp for Mithibai College B.A. Philiosophy Students

September 3rd, 2016.

The Yoga Institute organized a camp for the students of 3rd year Philosophy from Mithibai College. Senior Yoga Teacher Ms. Pooja Gupta conducted a 6 hour camp on 3rd Sept 2016.

The camp started with a game on Yoga Way of Life. Students participated very actively and guessed most of the answers. Concept was clearly explained through the game.

Soon after the game was over, a short description on Bhavas was given preceding the Asanas, thereby reinforcing the concept of Bhavas through various Asanas such as Talasana for Gyana Bhava , Sukhasana for Dharma Bhava, Chakrasana, Parvatasana and Bhujangasana for Vairagya and Aishvarya Bhava respectively.

Mithibai College students

Mithibai College students

Post the asana session the students were then divided into groups and given games on Faith and Clarity to play. Students were totally involved and participated with full zest and vigor.

Soon it was time for Hansaji’s talk, which made quite an impact on the students. It was an eye opener knowing or having an insight of themselves, as this was their very first experience.

It was now time for lunch where students relished the Sattvic food. After the lunch, relaxation technique was experienced by the students. Students reported feeling of freshness and being recharged post the relaxation session. They also felt it was better than sleep.

They were also introduced to Pranayama (practice of controlling the breath) and Trataka (an ancient meditation technique that improves one’s power of concentration and strengthens memory) to experience enhanced relaxation.

Soon after Trataka session, they were explained benefits and procedure of doing Jalneti. They were taken to do Jalneti and then explained and practiced Kapalbhaati, Kapalrandradhouti, Karnarandradhouti. Students reported positive results such as feeling active and fresh after doing all the Kriyas in sequence.

A quick revision was then done post Pranayamas on the Asanas learnt in early half of the camp. There was quite an improvement observed in the approach with which the students did the Asanas and discovered a great deal about their body flexibility, stamina etc…

The feedback of the campers turned out to be pretty positive and showing eagerness to explore more. The Yoga Institute extends its best wishes to all the students for their future endeavors.

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