The Yoga Institutes’ Harmony Fest

29 December 2018, Mumbai-“Harmony Fest” a two-day celebration of Yoga Institute’s 100 years of transforming lives saw participants from all walks of life at the MMRDA grounds. Thousands of individuals local and global participated in the festivities to celebrate 100 years of yoga wellness with The Yoga Institute.

The Yoga Institutes’ Harmony Fest Day 2 Highlights


Rujuta Diwekars’ take on Traditional Food Vs Trending Food- Aaharveda originates from India, but we all consume superfoods from the West to keep ourselves fit was an eye-opener. Her take on the topic-some excerpts:-

Superfood trends keep changing each week. Today in Mumbai we have new foods fad each week. We should eat local and seasonal foods.

In present times, the nutritional industry has changed the meaning of nutrition completely. Fad diets and diet trends have attempted to change how people look at nutrition and food choices. The rich growing middle class in India are trying to copy the west without much thought.

Diwekar advocates that we follow our grandmothers’ wisdom, and not be swayed by modern trends like stocking up on quinoa and kale — the two biggest trends internationally in recent times. And until two years ago, we didn’t even know what is kale. We are copying the poor man’s food from a different region. There is such diversity in the food of our own country — grains, home churned butter, legumes, pulses — but are overlooking it.


Rujuta Diwekar

“Stop Nurtitionism!”

So, how did the definition of nutrition become synonymous to filling your plate with unpalatable foods? When did we become a nation that rejects ghee but takes to olive oil?  The demarcation of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is what I call Nutritionism, and it is comparable with racism. And it has just left people confused.

She draws live examples from everyday food choices we are making with her wit and humour between the growing rich middle class of India and how they are succumbing to the western ideas of food and ignoring the simple balanced sattvic thali that the grandmothers so lovingly prepared with the actual knowledge of Aaharveda.

Enjoy eating food holistically rather than labelling it as carbohydrates and fats.

Practical tips from Rujuta Diwekar

  • Our Panchamrut traditionally had ghee, curd, sugar, milk, and honey. These foods were emphasised because they had a scientific basis to it.
  • Eating food mindfully is taught at the Institute. Eating mindfully is the key and not following some blind trends just because they are popular but paying attention to what your body needs.
  • Ghee, Rice, Seasonal fresh local fruits, Sesame and Bajra, were the traditional food ideas with complete sense and should be included in your daily diet.
  • Ghee was added to rice so that it stabilised the blood sugar response.
  • Fresh churned homemade white butter is much needed for optimal function of the thyroid gland which in turn takes care of proper absorption of Vitamin B12 from sunlight.


doctors panel discussion

Integrating Yoga with Indian and Modern Medicine- Doctors Panel discussion

Integrating Yoga with Indian and Modern Medicines and the ways in which we can bridge the gap between them for a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Renowned physicians  Dr.R Sankaran, Dr.Ravindra  Chittal , Dr. Govind Khati, Dr. P.S Mamtora, Dr. Shantaram Shetty shared their expertise and yoga insights. Moderator Dr. Harish Shetty tied the programme beautifully together.


Documentary Launch

Bhramanand S Singh award-winning director created   The Yoga Institute Documentary

Shri Harinder Sikka (renowned Bollywood author) and Dr. D R Kaarthikeyan (Former CBI Director) inaugurated the Documentary launch. The Documentary showcases actual people who transformed their lives with yoga and the Institute.



Musical bands

FlamencoKathaa– A blend of the two disciplines in their pure and collaborative form. With foot-tapping, numbers had the crowd swaying to nuances of the unique dance form. Rhythmic patterns and melody of two art forms won the hearts of everyone.

Dharavi Reloaded – A bunch of talented, cool kids making music – Dharavi Reloaded is a collective of slum kids jamming to a better life. The drums that are used to store water, cans, sticks, glass bottles, metal caps, and what not – the children transformed junk and the whole atmosphere into a big celebration with their talent and musical instruments.

Indian Ocean– The musical style of the band was folk and fusion music. The rock fusion with jazz-spiced rhythms integrated shlokas, Sufism, environmentalism and mythology transformed the whole atmosphere of celebrations and festivities.

Shankar Mahadevan – My Country My Music was a fitting culmination to mark the end of centenary celebrations. Authentic traditional artists and fusion melodies from states such as Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Punjab were presented.


Good Food Fest;


Taste of TYI

The festival celebrated the Indian traditional nutritious foods, which TYI has been serving in its kitchen for the past 100 years. The urbane populous got to sample healthier food habits and lifestyle choices.

TYI  Edutainment Therapeutic;

An interactive yoga exhibition that showcased 100 years history of The Yoga Institute saw hundreds of visitors throughout the day. Parents and children especially enjoyed the snakes and ladder and flexibility yoga games

TYI Free Yoga Workshops

Free Yoga Asana Workshop


Free OPD Workshop, Integral Chakra Workshop, Couples Workshop, Asana Workshops, and Bhavas Workshop conducted to benefit the masses.

Master Class by Chef Pankaj Bhadouria

She covered the mindful way of cooking food and how it impacts our health. Shared her brilliant Sattvic recipes. Her live station and demo drew in quite a crowd. All got to sample her superb culinary skills and sattvic foods with a twist.


Farmers Market

Market hosted provided only approved of organic food and vegetables from actual organic farmers and vendors. A whole range of healthy fruits, foods, grains, vegetables retailed at the market. Other attractions included organic at the paraphernalia and yoga accessories.


Thank you

Its official The Yoga Institutes’ Harmony Fest was a grand success! Thanks to all the participants, volunteers,  guests, and yoga enthusiast who made the centenary celebrations a huge success.

Happy Harmony fest and ringing in the New Year 2019 will be itched in our minds for many decades. Best wishes to all the Institute students and yoga enthusiasts from around the world who made the centenary two-day festival a grand success. Happy New Year 2019 to all our loyal readers! Wishing everyone holistic health and happiness. Make Happy New Year 2019 the yoga way click here for details.

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