Things to do after getting vaccinated


Some people have no problem, no pains, no aches at all after getting their covid shots, but some do react adversely to them. Some get fever, some experience nausea, some have muscle cramps and aches, but one shouldn’t worry too much about them. These symptoms actually show that your body is active, it is responding, but we should also aid our body to recover from these adverse symptoms at the earliest. A vaccination is not a green signal to go ahead and indulge ourselves, we still have to do certain things to see that we don’t get into trouble. Here are a few steps we can take to ensure we recover quickly from the effects of the vaccine.


1.  Arm exercises: Some people have an arm ache, a tight sensation in the arm after taking the injection, and we need to do some arm movement and some exercises regularly. Rotate your shoulders from front to back and back to front, stretch your arms out and move the right arm towards the left arm and vice versa.

Put your left arm behind you at the waist on the left side and taking your right arm behind you over your right shoulder try to touch both palms behind you. Now try the other side as well.

These movements should be done regularly, at least four times a day, after you have received your shots.


2.  Chest expansion: Another exercise would be chest expansion. Spread both your arms as much as possible and inhale. While exhaling contract your chest. These arm exercises will ease the post-injection discomfort. If you still experience pain, apply a cold pack in that area two to three times a day. The cold pack increase blood circulation in that region which in turn eases the pain.


3.  Shavasana: Some people feel tired, fatigued, some get headaches after the vaccination. To drive away the tiredness, do Shavasana every two hours for ten minutes and lie down, relaxed, flat on the ground. In Shavasana, energy management takes place automatically and tiredness disappears. Shavasana should be done in a positive and enthusiastic state of mind, which can be brought about by keeping oneself busy instead of just lying down and complaining about one’s condition.

Minimize your screen time: After taking the vaccine, your body is producing more anti-bodies to fight the virus. The body is busy and it is important that you don’t tire yourself.  You are supposed to conserve your energy, not waste it on your gadgets. Put those gadgets away; they cause fatigue and tiredness, your optic nerve becomes overactive, your mind becomes restless. Also, sitting in one place with your gadgets can result in congestion, and one should, therefore, try to remain physically active as much as possible. Try to commune with nature, with your family, relax, enjoy yourself; this will energize you.


4.  Healthy food: This is a must after vaccination. Your body needs energy, your body needs help, and for that you need healthy food.

Here’s a simple salad recipe for good health:

Boil groundnuts in salted water, add tomatoes, cucumber, onion, put carrots also. Make a mix of this; it has proteins, minerals and is extremely nutritious. Avoid junk food, processed food, packed food, artificially colored food, food with preservatives. Eat simple food, dal rice with salad, buttermilk and lemon juice. All these will help you escape the post-vaccine symptoms.


5.  Asanas: Certain asanas can help. Asanas done lying down will exercise every part of your body but they will not tire you.

     a.  Yastikasana: Lie supine on the back on a mat, legs fully extended, feet together, and hands stretched above the head parallel to each other. Keep your mind relaxed and passively aware.

Inhaling, in 3 seconds, stretch the body to full length, toes and fingers pointing outwards as if trying to reach out to something further away.

Maintain the stretched position for 6 seconds, retaining the breath.

Return to starting position; exhaling, in 3 seconds, relax the hands and toes, attaining the starting position.

     b.  Pavanmuktasana:  Lie supine at full length on a mat, feet together and hands resting besides the body.

Mind is calm and body relaxed. Inhale normally.

Exhaling, bend both the legs at the knees and draw them towards the abdomen. Clasp the knee or the shin with both the hands and pull the knee up to the chest.

Wrap the forearms just below the knee (the fingers clasping the opposite elbows) and keep them firmly pressed against the chest. Complete the above steps in 3 seconds while exhaling.

Ensure to rest the head and neck on the floor.

Maintain this pose for 6 seconds with breath suspended.

Return to starting position. Inhaling, in 3 seconds, gently release the clasped hands and slowly straighten the legs to bring them back to the starting position.

Om chanting is also helpful; Om by itself is a long exhalation.

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