Thinking outside the box

Think a little outside of the box

Yogic practices off the Mat. Yoga is much more than just physical asanas. This festive season, handy yogic tips to reinforce the health factor off the yoga mat. Life is all about caring, sharing and loving.  Auspicious Ganpati festival is the right occasion to make small changes and experience the big impact off the yoga mat.  


              Give WhatsUp some RIP today

  • Put the Whatsup app aside and surprise someone with a sweet hello from the heart in person.
  • Stop-by an aged relative or a lonely friend and share a kind moment or relive a happy memory.
  • Get excited- Infuse a healthy dose of positivity into yourself. Stop over thinking especially “What will others think?”
  • Attitude is everything. Most people are not comfortable with change. Anything that increases your chances of life, love, health, wellness, etc. just ‘do it!’ People might try to irritate you, mock you, discourage you, etc. be firm, filled with self-confidence and say this to yourself “I will feel no animosity” bullies are just insecure people who are either threatened or scared.



  • Inspire someone today.  You can start a simple rule example- “practising what you preach.”
  •  Do you feel stuck in a relationship that is taking everything from you? You are burning energy here and even exhausting through your precious “prana.” Assess your position and ask questions you have in mind or are too afraid to ask. Sometimes using your voice or setting boundaries, or asking hard questions, etc. help. Do not be scared. Try to overcome your fears today.
  •  Believe in your dreams. No matter how small or big your dreams might be just ‘go for it!’ Life is too short to keep waiting, thinking or wishing. People will first disagree, then fight you, and then when you succeed they will ask you how did you do it?
  •  Live healthy and fear-free. Make every moment you live in filled with love. Start loving yourself first.


  • Stop wasteful thinking example- avoid ‘ifs,’ ‘buts,’ etc. Such thoughts are the biggest energy exhaustive factors.  Mind Chatters or Mind thoughts are comparable to that of a drunken monkey bitten by a venous snake. Set time aside for yourself to stop the mind chatter, do Nispandhabhava while travelling in crowded bus or train, Shavasana on the bed before getting up etc. anything that works to calm your mind.
  •  Look for peace within and not outside. Only you can make yourself happy. Remember nobody can do that for you.
  •  Make a habit of Thinking outside the box- practice yoga both off and on the mat. Live life to the fullest.

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