Tips to keep your waistline in check

Every one of us wants a tiny and slim waist. Spot reducing fat from our belly or midsection can be difficult. So let’s get to some well-guarded secrets and try to reduce the abdominal fat with these easy to do tips and tricks.

Follow these DIY (Do-it-Yourself) tips to keep your waistline in check and see a clear change in your belly shape and size. Also, it will help to strengthen your core over time.

1 Take a chill-pill

Rest and recreation are necessary to reduce everyday stressors. Stress is the new silent killer. Stress produces hormone cortisol which prevents fat loss. Cortisol hormone triggers higher insulin levels and causes blood sugar levels to drop, which turn causes craving for sugary and fatty foods.

So relaxing is very important. Take up a hobby or activity of your liking. Share jokes, spend time with family or paint, write, plant a garden, cook, do yoga etc.

2 Abdominal Breathing exercise

Abdominal breathing helps to mobilize the fat that tends to accumulate around the belly. It is one of the best types of breathing to reduce stubborn fats around the midsection. Also, it helps us to deeply relax and sleep better. Lie down on your back, bend your legs at the knees and join them place one hand on the belly button on your belly and other arm resting on the side. Keep inhaling and exhaling in equal count. Do a few rounds.

3 Yoga asanas

Yoga asanas help to keep you active and reduce belly fats. Asanas like hastapadasana, paschimottanasana, yoga mudra can be done. Click on the video link to learn a few simple asanas that will help you to reduce your abdominal fat quickly.

4 Foods to reduce waistline

Often we feel embarrassed about our bulging tummies. The best trick to reduce the waste is starting the day with refreshing ginger green tea without milk. Lemon tea and chamomile tea on empty stomach can be taken early in the morning. These teas give you deep detoxification and boost your metabolism. Your diet should be plant-based and rich in proteins include tofu, fresh paneer in your daily meals. Wholegrains, colourful leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, citrus fruits oranges, lemons, and pulses should be part for your daily meals. Add seeds and nuts high in magnesium and micronutrients that aid digestion example- pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds etc.

5 Be Mindful

A healthy diet helps, but what’s going on in your mind also counts. Be mindful about each meal portion size, stay positive, practising mediation each day increases your calmness of mind and body is better relaxed. Various studies done have successfully proved that people who practice meditation have a tendency to accumulate less visceral fats compared to people do not practice mindful meditation.

We know targeted fat loss can be tricky at times, but this New Year start something fresh with a good amount of rest, breathing, exercising, certain recreational activities, and foods. Reduce that stubborn tummy fat and splendidly tone your abs. Do try today! Also, click on the video link and learn about more such asanas to help you get the slim waist you always wanted.

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