TOP 10 Tips To Reduce Weight

Tips To Reduce Weight

How to reduce weight? How do I curb my belly fat? Weight loss Yoga, should I go for it? How to lose weight naturally?

Sounds familiar …well you are not alone! Check out the alarming numbers

India’s women are more likely to be obese than their male counterparts, new research shows. There were 20 million obese women in India in 2014 compared with 9.8 million obese men, according to a study published in the British medical journal, the Lancet. Severe obesity was observed in an additional 4 million Indian women. There were less than 800,000 obese women in India in 1975 compared with 400,000 obese men. (The Wall Street Journal, World Online Edition 2016)

Every festive season these dilemmas crop up and we look for answers. Here is my take on how to lose weight at home. On closer examination and revision of your daily routines 50% of weight gain can be easily avoided.

10 Tips To Reduce Weight Quickly

  • Homemade detox plan-Get up early in the morning and drink luke-warm water (2 to 3 Glasses on an empty stomach) with a dash of lime juice and one table spoon honey. This does wonders to trimming of belly fat and good detox plan.
  • Do not skip breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Low fat food and mildly sweet foods are ideal to have in the morning)
  • Up the intake of fresh seasonal fruits and green vegetables– Fruits and veggies are high in fibre content, low is calories and fat content is less. They are packed with essential vitamins and minerals; they improve the tone of your skin and prevent pre-mature aging and wrinkling of the skin.
  • Regularise meal time– Eating at fixed time during the day, helps to burn the calories at a faster rate. (Switch of distractions –No Social Media, No Watsup, No Facebook) Eat with concentration and relish the food you eat. This helps to curb the temptation to snack in between meals on foods high in fat and sugar.


  • Exercise, get active– Yoga is a way of life. Few- Yoga Asanas done daily for 10 to 15 minutes daily gets you in shape and leaves you energetic throughout the day. Yastik Asana and Konasana Yoga Pose help to trim the belly fat. Click here for more info on Yoga Poses.
  • Hydrate wellDrink ample of water every day. 12 glasses of liquid are essential to keep the body well hydrated.
  • Pre-Planning of Weekly Meals– Plan breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner in advance and stick to your calorie intake. This helps the cause of weekly shopping list. Makes it easy to avoid unplanned binge eating.
  • Smaller Portions– By using smaller size plates and bowls, you gradually get used to eating smaller size portions. Chew your food properly and eat slowly.
  • Do not ban foods you like- You can enjoy foods you like occasionally, but within the daily limits of calorie allowance.
  • Don’t store junk food at home– Try not to over load your storage snack cupboard at home with biscuits, potato wafers, fried foods, chocolates. Read the labels when buying and opt for healthier options such as fresh fruits, oats, unsalted popcorn and naturally sweet fresh fruit juices.

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