#Top 3 Yoga Poses to boost Memory during Exams#- Yoga Poses for Beginners

Top 3 Yoga Poses to boost Memory during Exams

Yoga goes a long way to help improve your memory skills and boost concentrations. Exams being right around the corner, all the students are stressed out or suffering from anxiety on some level. Listed below are top 3 yoga tips and postures that will help you in your exam preparations.

Yoga for concentration and better focus during exam time

Trataka with candle gazing- Improves Memory and concentration

(Precaution to be taken students with high power or glasses number(more then 5) should refrain and students should do this under guidance of trained yoga teachers)

Sit in any comfortable meditative pose either Sukhasana or Padamasana. Sukhasana is a better yoga pose for beginners. Place the candle on a candle stand at about eye level and take one arm length distance to keep the stand. Place the candle such that the flame is stable. Relax your eye muscles and face muscles. Now close your eyes and slowly open them and gaze at the candle flame tip without blinking your eyes. If water/tears flows do not rub your eyes, just gently close them. Repeat this 5 times. When done with the last round gently open your eyes. Feel the muscles relaxed and tension easy away from the eyes.

Trataka with candle gazing- Improves Memory and concentration

Benefits of doing Trataka

This yoga exercise strengthens the tried eye muscles. It will help improve vision and focus. Ability to concentrate improves. Regular practice for students is must and not just during exams time.

Yogendra Pranayama IV or Abdominal Breathing- Relieves Stress and Fatigue

Just breathe! This is a very useful technique to ease out the exam stress and cope better during exam crunch time. This can be done sitting, standing or lying down. Place one hand on your stomach or abdomen and relax the other hand on side. Relax completely and slowly without jerky movements; start to take full deep breath. Now, slowly breathe out and you will experience a sense of calm prevail. (When lying down you can fold your legs with knees touching each other and feet apart at comfortable distance) You can repeat 5 rounds. Watch the video for and simply breath out all the exam stress.

Benefits of doing this simple technique are many.

Helps relieve stress and fatigue and helps the instant relaxation cause. Useful breathing technique during exam time, as it helps in calming the nervous system. Breathing deeply helps by increasing the energy levels and ample of fresh oxygen, more easily circulated to all the cells of the body and brain region is benefited. Insomnia and sleep disorders are also cured when practiced for longer time. Relaxation and rest are a must especially during exam time. Relax and breath easy with the pranayama.

Vajrasana- Improves concentration and will-power

Vajrasana -Improves Will- Power & Focus during exams

Vajrasana is good for students with memory problems. This is a relaxation pose that eases the tension and benefits the digestive system. Kneel down on your yoga matt. Make sure that ankles, knees and toes are close to each other and touching the ground. Keep your spine erect and chin parallel to the ground. Keep your hand on your thighs. Now relax consciously all entire body. Focus on breathing in and out very slowly. Close your eyes for few minutes.

Benefits of this ease to do asanas are many

Improves your digestion system and calms the nervous system when done regularly. Good asana to do during exam time, as it helps in improving concentration and will-power. Tiredness problem experienced during exams is replaced by freshness and improves ability to focus. Students will be able to sit longer during exam time to study when this is practiced regularly.

All the best…Try these Yoga exercises today and see the stress just slide away. Good luck for your exams-The Yoga Institute…Click Here to check out the latest offerings we have for total yoga and health!

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  • Manjaree Bhatt
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    Those who can’t perform or sit in Sukhasana or Vajrasana due to any reason, can practice Sthita- Prarthanasana.

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