Top 5 Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a critical tool towards personal development and growth. Time limitation is a constant factor in everyone’s life…so if it’s one thing you can do, I say go for meditation.

Why meditate?

Meditation is a powerful tool that renews the mind, body and spirit. Here are top 5 Reasons why meditation should be cultivated as a habit.

Cures Restlessness and De-clutters your mind– When you sleep body is rejuvenating your systems on all levels. Insomnia is a common problem we face today. 15 to 20 minutes of meditation ensures more peaceful rest.

Awareness and decision making process improves– On an average it is estimated that 50,000 thoughts are running through an individual’s head every day? We all have been there and most of the time we are not even sure for what we are thinking or what do we want? Meditation gives you clarity on your thoughts and increases self-awareness towards the daily thought process. This clarity and awareness is important when important decisions are to be made. Without clarity, you are more prone to be easily swayed by different opinions or external factors that surround you.

Makes You Level-headed and Calm– Meditation helps you develop witness like attitude that in turns helps you tame your emotions. You learn to become detached to the material world and learn to be more objective. With objectivity and detachment you become calmer and level-headed even when dealing with unpleasant situations in daily life.

Declutter your mind and meditate

Declutter your mind and meditate

Inner Peace and Positivity- When you do not tidy up your room for extended amount of time, what happens? Dirt accumulates and place becomes uninhabitable. Similarly, our body and mind can be seen as this room if you do not attend to its need of daily cleaning; muck in terms of negative thoughts (Vichara, Klesha), emotions and energies accumulate. Meditation helps to clear all these junk out of your system by expelling out the negativity and infusing much need freshness and positive energy.

Inspiration and Sub-conscious mind- It has been known that we are only using about 1 to 5% of our brain. This is also governed by our physical selves and our ‘ego.’ The remaining 99 to 95 % of our intelligence and latent potential resides in our subconscious mind. Meditation helps you to tune in to the sub-conscious mind where the inspirational ideas and hidden potential lies. Meditation has multiple benefits if you routinely practice this technique; it helps strengthen your connection with your subconscious mind. In time you will find the answers generated by your subconscious mind are more insightful than the ones generated by your conscious mind.

Benefits of meditation if done daily and correctly are limitless. You will learn to live fully in the present moment. You will learn to be more focused, proficient, observant and receptive. You maximize every moment and optimize your life and learning to your full potential. Try today.

Stay tuned in for our next blog on How to Meditate for Beginners?


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