#Top 5 Reasons to be Holi Happy#

Gearing up to celebrate Rangwali Holi, which is second day of Holi, also known as धुलण्डी, Dhulandi or Dhulendi , Dhulandi panchami, Dol Purnima or Holi – different regions name it differently, but the zeal, enthusiasm and fervour shared is common. “The world’s cheerful event” its popularity, be it the East or the West, whole world is celebrating! Holi is the second most popular festival of India (Diwali being the first popularity wise.) This day marks the first day of Chaitra or the beginning of spring. It is a uniting and unifying feeling that celebrates spring in full colour and abundance.

Top 5 Reasons to be Holi Happy

  1. General mood of people spells goodness and happiness all the way. Faces smeared with colour and colored water. Children up to mischief and spraying coloured water on the passer-by. Life seems content to participate and spread joy. Every corner covered with hues of red, blue, green and yellow -a colourful sight to behold.
  2. Triumph of good (Prahalad the ardent believer of Narayana is unharmed) over evil (Holika who although blessed is destroyed by the burning pyre.) We should make an effort to hold on to the good in us and other people and let go of the negative traits.
  3. We welcome the beginning of new season. Nature too seems happy, as this is a special time when beautiful flowers are in full bloom with alluring colours. The melodious song of the cuckoo adds a special touch to the Holi festivities.
  4. Time of abundance originally celebrated and commemorated agricultural spring harvests (mostly in the Northern Regions) and the fertility of the land.
  5. Friends and family get together. We forget old fights and quarrels and celebrate this joyous festival together. We forgo our care, worries and anxieties and celebrate friendship and benevolence. Celebrated with inexorable energy. Social divisions are forgotten; Holi transcends biases, differences of caste, creed and gender. The eagerness of Holi festival takes everyone into its hold, be it the young or old. Emotions are expressed and demonstrated freely and air is filled with inexplicable colours of love, affection and positive harmony. Holi evenings are marked by get-togethers with food, fun and music.

This invigorating feeling of Holi happiness fuels us with requisite strength that has a lasting effect to take us through the year’s trials and triumphs. So, let us choose happiness and happy time and learn to make it a habit of remembering and repeating this happy feeling, rather than getting stuck with an attitude of being sad and depressed during our tiresome times.

The Yoga Institute wishing every one health, harmony and holi happiness!

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