Tranquil State of Mind – Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

Philosophical thinking on the one hand and active participation in life on the other are often considered being opposed to each other. In fact, they are one and the same. Any philosophical thinking becomes difficult in the absence of a firm physical base. The man who carries out various activities in life without getting too subjective and attached to things acquires mental peace and is unaffected by whatever actions he does. He is all the time thinking of himself as an integral part of the larger process of life, and in his full-hearted participation in life’s various activities, he can contribute the most. But throughout all this, he is uninvolved in what is actually happening. Between the two, i.e., philosophical inaction and yoga action, the latter is superior both as a means and as an end.

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The worst thing about a person who carries out his work with a strong desire for success and achievement is that he suffers a lot in his own personal life. This worldly man comes to believe in his own power and feels as if he is the dispenser of justice in this whole universe, that things can be organised after his ideas, that he can manipulate events and results, and that he knows everything. Unfortunately, in the course of time, this worldly man realises to his utter despair that the world does not move according to his wishes. That his calculations are not final, that his knowledge about people and things is quite imperfect, and that he thus becomes the butt of ridicule of the ‘larger process’ that governs his life.

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As they say, ‘man proposes, and God disposes of’. In the ultimate analysis, it is the higher process this inherent Svabhava (Iron Law of Nature) – that makes the wheels move; the prime mover is neither you, nor me, nor even God. People suffer because of their ignorance of this Basic Law.

To a wise man, there is no distinction between one object and another, and also between one activity and another. Persons who have gained this state of understanding and discrimination are in full command of any situation. They are not overjoyed on getting something pleasurable not get terribly disappointed at the loss of it. The joy that is continuously felt at this level of consciousness has no comparison with the limited pleasures. In fact, all pleasures that come from contact with objects of pleasure are not only short-lived but are a source of consequent suffering. The man who completely disconnects himself from the wild and powerful drives of anger, lust, etc. enjoys the greatest amount of satisfaction.

True satisfaction does not come by mere possessing things. True happiness is our subjective feeling devoid of any objects or things. A philosophical attitude coupled with a zest for work is commended. A tranquil state of mind is a product of right discrimination (Viveka).

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