A big team of researchers medical men and media personnel thronged to Malad near Bombay to witness Yogi L. N. Rao walk on water some years back.

Yogi Rao came out of the enclosure, waved to the gathering, put his right foot on the water surface which did not hold his foot; he put his left foot into the water and that too went into the water and lo and behold he sank into water. His disciples dived into the water and salvaged the drowning man back to earth.

Yogi Rao smiled and said the mistake was he did not have his bowel movement in the morning and this is why he was drowning. He was clever, the audience was aghast, the world press moved away and Yogi Rao quietly slipped out from the backdoor..

He met Yogendraji after many years and laughed and said he was just checking how many fools there existed cheating the world even today. He was amazed that there are still many fools left in the world capable of cheating the world!

Published in the October2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine

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