Uncovering the true meaning of Aishvarya Bhava

Aishvarya Bhava is reflected in the form of our determination, strength, courage, self-confidence and power of the will of the individual. All of which arise from perceptive wisdom. It brings forth humility and compassion as qualities that develop from a fullness of wisdom. It eradicates vanity and arrogance and makes the individual a strong and powerful being who rises above the ordinary. Aishvarya Bhava manifests as assertiveness devoid of arrogance, through the clarity of our thoughts and purpose. It is the attainment of physical, mental, moral finesse and spiritual fineness.


However, it is only when you have sincerely practiced Dharma Bhava, which has given rise to Jnana and Vairagya Bhava that there arise self-efficacy and self-reliance.


What exactly is Dharma?

Our duties are a crucial part of our daily living. Dharma is one of the most beautiful formula for a happy life. Sage Vyas says, “I am screaming at the top of my voice with both arms upraised, why are you not carrying your natural duties? You are bound to get everything in life by doing your natural duties, wealth, pleasure and all, Alas none seem to be listening.”


First of all, we need to understand that Dharma does not refer to any God or a particular belief system. Dharma simply means duty and self-direction. We are constantly loaded with a lot of work and responsibilities. So much so that it becomes difficult to understand our exact duty and priorities.


Hierarchy of Duty:

No matter what the situation is, one must release one’s own duty, and that it is not about being selfish. Only a person with a fit and balanced in body and mind that one can perform any kind of action. Dharma simply means taking complete responsibility for one’s action, which can only be possible through self-discipline and self-commitment. To save yourself from all kinds of pains and sufferings you must follow your Dharma. Yoga says that your first duty is towards yourself, then comes your family and friends, then your place of work, society, and finally humanity in general.


First Dharma:

Your first Dharma is towards yourself. Having farthing in your duty is necessary, to be in a balanced state of mind. And maintaining balance all the time in spite of ups and downs in life is our duty. Even while doing your daily activities, you need to be aware of your state of mind and remain in a positive state. In case the state of mind gets disturbed, our first duty is to immediately correct is by using simple Yogic techniques like Asanas, Pranayamas, and Meditation.


Bringing the concept of Bhavas in yoga, was the brainchild of Dr Jayadeva. He wanted to bring this entire philosophy in our practical and daily living. The easiest way to bring the mind under balance is to sit quietly for some time and simply meditating. This state of mind will help you to get some clarity and will make you help others and do something for others. Otherwise, until then, it is only the ego that wants fulfillment.


We must, therefore, first strengthen our practice of Dharma Bhava, so that all the other Bhavas can become significant. Practice Dharma Bhava to establish a sense of purpose in your life and to transform the inner attitude and behaviour.

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