Tek Mirchandani
Rita smoothly drives her new car up the hill in prestigious location,
where some of the Bollywood stars stay. Her recently renovated flat
reflects her somber personality and good taste. Life is comfortable,
finances sound and a maid to serve.
The lady has time on hand, teaches yoga to a group of ladies in her
drawing room totally vacant but only with white mats spread on the white
marble floor. The learners listen to her talks and practice Asanas and
Rita is always appropriately dressed with official or social gatherings.
The mobile phone is an instant connect for her to complete domestic
chores, goodness of activity and keep in touch with her young daughter
to fulfill her needs and guide her if need be so far so good. But —-
but —- what lies behind that soft smile of understanding, kindness and
an attitude to give, no one will ever imagine!
She was happily married with an educated background and necessary
comforts, a prospering husband and a doting daughter —–. The world
was beautiful!! Her husband, one day while driving down the hill, had a
massive heart attack and sudden death. The dream world turned into stark
reality, alone and with a hard situation to handle.
The training at The Yoga Institute had made her to recognize the right
values in life and provided strength to her. Slowly but surely, she has
successfully taken full control of her and daughter’s life, while the
world around her, continued to be in a strange chaos.

ic man came to Sadhu Vaswani and said to him, “You say God is Love, God
is Mercy. Why is it that your God stands by and watches while there is
so much violence and suffering in the world ?
Sadhu Vaswani pointed to a table – cloth. At the back of the cloth. At
the back of the cloth was a mismatch of crisscrossed stitches, with
knots and ties and tangles. It all looked so untidy. But when the cloth
was turned right side up the man saw on it beautiful embroidered words
‘God is Love.’
Published in the September 2010 edition of Yoga & Total Health Magazine.

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