Vakrasana-The Curve Posture


I become self-aware and ever vigilant, especially during the unexpected turns and twists of life.

‘Vakra’ means curve. This formation and the process of this asana are to curve the torso giving a twist to the spine. It can be done sitting, standing or lying down. It is useful for those who have a desk job. The waist and the abdominal organs are exercised.



Starting Position:

  1. Sit on a mat with your legs fully stretched forward, toes pointing upwards and hands beside your body, palms resting on the mat.

  2. Keep your back straight, neck and head in line.

  3. Stretch both your hands forwards and raise them to the shoulder level. Keep your palms facing downwards. Inhale.



  1. Exhaling, twist your spine towards the right as much as you can ensuring that your head, neck, shoulders, hands and the torso move as one unit maintaining the hands parallel to each other and keeping your lower body firmly fixed to the ground.

  2. Immediately while inhaling, come to the centre.

  3. Exhaling, twist towards your left side in the same manner.

  4. Return to the centre while inhaling.


Posture Release:

  1. While exhaling, put your hands down to the sides of the thighs.




  1. It relaxes the muscles of your back.

  2. It strengthens the muscles of your lower back.

  3. It exercises your abdominal muscles.



  1. Low back pain is alleviated.

  2. Flab on the lateral side of the abdomen gets reduced.

  3. It relieves stiffness of the vertebrae.



  1. It increases concentration.

  2. It makes you alert and attentive.


Muscles Involved

  1. Lateral rotators of the vertebral column

  2. Flexors of the shoulder joints

  3. Isometric contraction of the anterior abdominal wall

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