Smt. Hansaji with Rangoonwala Children

Vibrant Children of Rangoonwala Foundation

Children are like tender plants or creepers whose tendrils need to be guided in the right direction for proper growth, so do children need proper guidance and exposure to right knowledge and information through love, care and sensitivity.

On 19.5.016, 250 children in the age group of 8-14 yrs from different schools of ‘Rangoonwala Foundation’ participated in a progressive Yoga Camp at The Yoga Institute premises, sponsored by Rangoonwala Foundation.

Rangoonwals Children

Rangoonwals Children

Hansaji won over the children with her wit and gentle words of importance of Honesty, disciplined routine, concentration on studies, eating less of junk food and focus on nutrition.

The session conducted from 1-5 pm was based on the four Bhavas ,through Asanas, and special games designed for each. Dharma bhava-Game of Faith, Jnana bhava- Game of Clarity, Vairagya bhava- game of Flexibility and Aishwarya bhava- game of Tranquility.

Children were coached to enact skits based on concepts of Yama and Niyama. First two steps of Ashtanga Yoga. As expected their reactions were one of Awa, joy and exuberance. In appreciation of their participation, they were served tasty snacks and herbal tea at the end of the session.

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