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Today, we are talking about the four pillars of health – Ahara, Vihara, Achara and Vichara. These are the main things we have to follow for prevention, management and cure of disease. The first three pillars are food, recreation and routines. These are easier to manage. The fourth pillar is Vichara or our thought process. Challenge in our day-to-day lives is curtailing and managing thoughts.

“As the mind, so the man.”- Dr.Jayadeva Yogendraji.

Quite aptly mentioned by Dr. Jayadevaji, Vichara is our private property. We don’t have to share our thoughts with others and can easily cheat them. We might smile at somebody while talking to them, but think poisonous thoughts inside. But ultimately, we have to understand that we might be able to fool the world, but we can’t fool our body. (Aren’t we all guilty of this from time to time? Think again)



Thought is an action. Every thought has a direct effect on us. Experiments prove that an outwardly calm, but internally agitated person affects his external surroundings. The vibrations of his immediate surroundings change by his internal disturbance. Yoga says –“Don’t judge a person by his appearance, but only by his thoughts!”

Yoga classifies the citta in various categories (Mudha, Kshipta, Vikshipta, Ekagraha and Nirodhah) depending on one’s state of mind.

Our state of mind dictates what we receive from the Universe. If we remain positive and peaceful, then peaceful situations in our life will increase. And if we are touchy or negative, then correspondingly, such negative situations will increase. We create our own life and that is why we have to train our mind continuously. We should put our mind on something positive and steady it, rather than allowing it to run amok. If our mind is disturbed, we should pick up some work, do Asanas or focus on your breath. A negative mind cannot be trained; it has to be quietened first. So stop thinking and increase your energy levels. Take a few deep breaths. Eat something fresh. Play with a child. Put your mind on positive activities. A negative mind can create any disease.

It is imperative that we think the right thoughts, despite the world around us and provocations by people. We must mix with like-minded people, discuss good thoughts and read good literature. That is one way to manage thoughts. Another way is to keep a check on the mind. If we find that the mind is becoming negative, we should stop it right there. Stopping the mind is difficult, but making it one pointed is easier. Use your memory to help you. Mechanically mug up something. It’ll help the mind to go in a new direction and become one pointed.

Avoid meditation when the mind is filled with negativity. That will encourage the mind to brood and it will become more disturbed. Instead, action is required. At such times Asanas and Pranayams aid to quieten the mind. Once the mind is calm, then one can move on to philosophy.

The root cause of every illness lies in the mind, be it even the common cold. One has to work on the mind to get rid of disease.






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