Viparitakarani – Inverted pose

Viparitakarani – Inverted pose

Yogendra Viparitakarani; inverted pose.

Although apparently a postural exercise, this technique has been spoken of as a Mudra (neuromuscular control). According to the authorities on Hatha yoga, this exercise of inverted balance has been formulated particularly with the object of bringing about inner harmony and union of the opposites, e.g. the bloodstreams (arterial and venous), the nerve impulses (afferent and efferent) and the positive and negative counterparts of bioenergy, with the aid of gravitation.

Starting position:

Lie supine on the mat, feet together and hands resting beside the body. Keep the mind calm, body relaxed and take in a full breath.

The sequence of steps Viparitakarani – Inverted pose:

  1. Exhaling, slowly raise the legs high up, perpendicular to the ground.
  2. Raise the lower portion of the trunk by—pressing the hands under the hips and using the elbows as a fulcrum.
  3. Keep the trunk in a slanting position, the legs upright and the back and the neck well-rested on the ground.
  4. When this position is firmly secured, by careful manipulation, make an attempt to shift the hands slowly towards the waist, with the fingers extended to the back of the hip-bones and the thumbs pressed lightly on both sides of the navel (final position). Complete all the above steps in 4 seconds, while exhaling.
  5. Maintain this pose as long as convenient, but not longer than two minutes. Breathe normally- slow, rhythmic and natural.
  6. Return to starting position: Slowly bend the knees and then gently lower the hips towards the mat, supported by the hands in 4 seconds, while inhaling.
  7. Release the hands from the back and assume the starting position.
  8. Take a few deep breaths and then rest a while, breath normally.

Recommended practice:

  • Practice once, for not more than 2 minutes.
  • In the beginning, improvise this pose by resting against a wall or any solid object while in the head-low position. Even the aid of a few pillows or personal assistance from another person may not be out of place during the initial practice.


Hypertension, heart ailments, pregnancy, respiratory disorders, spinal disorders and high myopia, glaucoma and retinal detachment. Stoutness – inflexibility of the body.

Benefits of Viparitakarani – Inverted pose:

  1. Favourable changes in vasomotor ability (causing or relating to the constriction or dilatation of blood vessels) due to the increased interchange of blood in the upper part of the body, especially the thorax, the neck and the head the temporary replacement of the abdominal and pelvic viscera.
  2. Temporary replacement of the abdominal and pelvic viscera.
  3. Relief from congestion, through the rapid drainage of venous blood, in the abdominal and pelvic regions
  4. Wholesome effects of gravity- pressure on the various organs of the body above the waist including the vital endocrine glands.
  5. Relief in the case of constipation, indigestion, headache, giddiness, neurasthenia, functional disorders of the eye, the ear, the nose and the throat, general and sexual debility, and similar ailments.
  6. Very effective for the increase of blood flow towards the brain.
  7. Makes mind alert contributing to self-confidence and self-reliance.

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