Water and Yoga

“Water is life-energy…Do not waste water”…Smt. Hansaji Yogendra

Water element and yoga… In Classical Sanskrit it is denoted as “ap” or “Apah.” Our body is made up of Pancha Mahabhuta-The akash (Ether), Vayu (Air), Agni (Fire), Jala (water) and Prithvi (earth). Science confirms the fact that our body comprises of water and it is one of the major elements; around 70% of our body is water. Health of the body is dependent on the circulatory system, which is blood. Blood is fluid in nature and water based. Character of water is to flow. Water is pure, quenches thirst and purifies. Similarly, blood flows through our veins and governs health by supplying nutrients and carrying out the waste products simultaneously. Water and metabolism of nutrients in the body are also closely related. Drinking water that is a little above room temperature or luke-warm water speeds up the metabolic process and helps in elimination of toxins from the body. So, next time you eat foods that are oily, fried or fast foods follow it up with luke warm water drinking…this helps to detox the system.

Bhrama Upanishad mentions water and association with the sacaral chakra. Water sustains life and worldwide known as the symbol of soul because the second Chakra or sacral chakra is associated to it. It is the energy center of the body where new life can be generated. Water has incredible cleansing, nourishing and healing abilities.

So here are some yoga tips

  • Drink water when thirsty… 12 glasses of liquid are enough to be had during the day. Do not overdo it. Body system knows when it requires water. Drink accordingly.
  • Drinking water helps to keep the weight in check as well… so drink away!
  • We need food, water and air for survival …so please do not waste water, and use is discreetly.
  • We live in a society so we must be conscious of the fact that for a dying man one drop of water can make the difference between life and death. So every drop is precious save water. Do your bit and save the life-energy-SAVE WATER!
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