Ways to become more mindful each day


When the mind is full of unnecessary thoughts it tends to wander. These thoughts can be so overbearing at times that we end up getting lost in the moment thinking about it. In other words, we zone out. This state as the Yogic scholars point out is nothing but a state of un-mindfulness. Our mind is either replaying an incident from the past or thinking of the future. It’s anywhere but in the present! To snap out of this state, we need to train our mind to be attentive and stay in the moment. How? We have listed eight simple steps that’ll help you become more mindful each day!

All you have to do is make the effort and follow the steps like a new habit:

1.  Watch your breath:We all know breathing is a natural phenomenon. It’s not something we think about regularly. But what if we ask you to watch your breath every day, let’s say for 5 minutes? This simple to-do activity for 5 minutes daily can enhance your mindfulness and make you more attentive than before.

2.  Watch your emotions:Believe it or not, but our emotions play a huge role in making us zoning out or being distracted. Practice Pratipaksha Bhavana and Anitya Bhavana as they certainly help to watch the emotions and bring about a transformation in the thought process.

3.  Practice silence:This may be the easiest but at the same time the most difficult way to introspect one’s own thoughts. Every day for a few minutes, try to practice silence or Mauna. This will not only help you to reflect on your day and mind but also calms the senses.

4.  Maintain a journal:Start writing! It’s one of the best ways to unload or spend a moment with your thoughts. It helps you align your thoughts and make you aware of what’s really bothering you or what’s making you zone out often. In this step all you have to do is write about your feelings, thoughts, emotions, how your day was, what are you grateful for, basically anything that comes to your mind.

5.  Taste what you eat:Most of the time we eat without thinking about the food. Our mind is a zone that’s anywhere near the food that you are consuming. Let’s break this habit. Taste your food. Enjoy the burst of flavors it has! Consider each morsel as the first one and chew it well. Try to be present and focus on every bite. This is one of the simplest techniques and we must practice it daily. Let’s make our meal time mindful each day.

6.  Be aware of your steps:Have you ever thought about how you walk? For a few days, try to focus on your walk and every step you take. Focus, as you lift your leg off the floor and touching it again. Try to focus on the heels as well toes and every step if possible. This will keep your mind occupied and in the moment.

7.  Listen to respond:Now this is very important. Agree or disagree, but we tend to react more than respond. We love to talk but we seldom listen! We are so eager to make a point at some times that we immediately start talking as soon as the other person stops. We need to change this. Try to listen to the person first, be patient and then respond. First, try to process the information and then give your opinion. Everybody appreciates those who listen to them. So let’s become one with Yoga.

8.  Observe nature:Nature has the power to make you forgot everything else and live in the moment. Try observing the nature around you. Notice new things, be grateful, walk barefoot on the grass and immerse yourself in the oneness with nature. There’s no better way to enhance your mindfulness than with such a beautiful practice.

We hope these 8 techniques bring mindfulness and joy into your life! Try them for a few days and let us know how they made you feel. Until then, be aware of each and every moment in your life, engage all your senses and become more mindful each day!

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  • JijiCherayath
    Posted at 21:21h, 25 November Reply

    Brilliant and most helpful

  • Saloni Jain
    Posted at 16:16h, 26 December Reply

    Very interesting, good job and thanks for sharing and writing such a good topic.

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