Weekly Update: Dr. Jayadeva Talking on Yoga (16-22 Feb 2013)

The Yoga Institute, Yoga Guru
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

“There is a nice Sanskrit word, very very old, 2-3000 years old which just says keep on the move, be on the move. Don’t be still. That is life. At no moment you can just say ‘I have done enough and I want to retire.’ Life keeps you on and you have to just participate. ‘Chariyava Iti.’ You see, we generally set some time, dates when we will retire and get free from our routine duties. That time never comes. Responsibilities are there and we have to fulfill them, be it as parents, as husband-wife, citizens, neighbours. If we accept life, there is a simple summary out of it. Don’t argue, don’t challenge it. What is coming your way, just accept it and carry on. It is a very simple instruction given 3-4000 years back and is even today, true; though we don’t believe in it and we are challenging and refusing, grumbling and making our life miserable.”

– (16th Feb 2013 – Saturday – Charaiyva Iti)

“You see very strangely, We also have what are called as ‘black action’s and ‘white actions’. Actions that are done with bad feelings, done badly , severely, hurtfully are no doubt condemned by all. All the cruel actions and wicked actions- yet they are carried out. One intentionally feels like hurting, thinks evil. This comes very naturally to many. And according to yoga this harms us the most. Because we have to pay for it. In the external world if we do such actions, people are observing and reactions do come. So time or the other you are going to get caught. So these are the worst kind of actions as against the other extreme we will discuss, which are the ‘white actions’. We have to keep a watch- whether we allow our mind to come to that point where we are internally very disturbed and want to harm and hurt. I don’t know whether these kind of feelings come to us or not?”

– (18th Feb 2013 – Monday – Krsna Karma)

“You see the question is what makes a person to do wrong things? And the answer is desire! Even if one is quite happy sitting quiet, desire can enter and make the person to do things that he never would have done. These are products of the Rajas quality in us, very active. These are the 2 Shlokas which we have to try and understand as much as we can. See in the human body there are these constituents which are active and don’t allow us to follow a narrow path of virtue. Unless we understood them and learn to control them they can arrive any time. Activity, desire, hurtfulness all these are its manifestations. I don’t know any of you have come across this vice in our life? Lets discuss it.”

– (19th Feb 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 3.36-37)

“You see we will never come to know what was the right thing to do. There will be always two sides, and we will remain unhappy. There are different angles, different opinions. See we talk of neither good nor bad actions. That should be our attitude. Action has to be done and that’s all the reason. Not keep calculating because there is no end to that. Great people- They act- Deciding what is right and not looking about for opinions. So this is the kind of topic we have.”

– (21st Feb 2013 – Thursday – Shukla Karma)

“A description about sleep, these are all areas, for keeping the mind steady. It can be deep sleep or even dreams. If you want you can concentrate and recall, it helps. So various such suggestions have been given of how to keep the mind steady and this is one of the meanings.”

– (22nd Feb 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 1.38)

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