Weekly Update: Dr. Jayadeva talking on Yoga (2-8 March 2013)

The Yoga Institute, Yoga Guru
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

2nd Mar 2013 – Saturday – Peace & War
“See we will discuss about a controversial topic- Peace and War. Quietness and activity. Some people prefer to be peaceful, relaxed and quietly doing there work. And the other are, who want action all the time ,something or the other being done, each has their own opinion. Since we’re learning Yoga , we do tilt a little on the side of quietness, but do we sincerely believe it? Or do we want action to be there, and just occasional quiet? I hope you follow the point.”

4th Mar 2013 – Monday – Mudha
“So today’s topic applies to all of us. See dull, stupid- these are the characteristics, and we are carrying through life, not only suffering but also making others to suffer. That little spark of intelligence is nothing. We are not clever to see through as a game, connect, we have to pass through all the problems, and then change. So let us see how we look at this problem.”

5th Mar 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 3.40-41
” You see the central problem of ours, are the senses. The eyes , the ears, the nose, the touch and all that- they draw us, to the external world and continuously keep us busy. If you can switch off these inputs , then no problem. That is how some of the greatest mystics, have been people who don’t have eyes, or such organs, which get them in touch with the external world. We love our senses, because through them we can see the things, touch things, feel. So the suggestion is- learn to control the senses, don’t become a slave.”

7th Mar 2013 – Thursday – Kshipta Citta
“So do we agree? That our mind is like a monkey, that can’t sit even for a second, without some thinking or the other. That is its business. The thinking whether it is useful, useless, has no meaning. Something should go on happening and it remains busy. All kind of ideas, wishes that are travelling, and that is creating the situations problems, difficulties. You see, the Yogi switches off the mind. When Madhavdasji would retire for the day, he had nothing to think of, just blank, a good night’s sleep, a very happy healthy attitude and can be of use if he thought it fit. That would be an ideal. But we don’t want our mind like that. We have so many things, we have read so much in the papers, so much gossip, we want to give our own contribution. That’s the way our mind works. I don’t know how you think?”

8th Mar 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 1.40
“We are talking about concentration. When the mind can focus on the small things and reaches the minutest parts – atoms, infra-atoms; that is when it gains control. Mind becomes steady, Vasanas (inherent desires) reduce and complete control of Citta (personality complex) is gained. The specialty of this is that once the Citta is controlled, the understanding comes easily. But this state is not easy to attain. Keeping the mind steady, reducing the desires, these are not easy to do, it is difficult. The mind keeps running, latent desires keep coming. When such a steady state is attained, special kinds of powers develop inside us and the steady mind can go beyond desires and do many things. This is what the sutra says.”

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