Weekly Update: Dr. Jayadeva talking on yoga (2nd – 8th Feb 2013)

The Yoga Institute, Yoga Guru
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

“We will discuss, why i believe in God. See whether you like it or not, sometimes in the life this belief comes and it stays. As a human being we have intelligence, and the intelligence refuses. And keeps on thinking and planning and gradually as life unfolds itself we see many gaps which we just can’t explain. Parents bring up children and children come out quite different from what they expect. One believes in some persons, works hard, and in the end are not properly given proper positions. Things happen. Acceptance of some larger processes, some laws , something that is ultimately good for us. This thinking does come sooner or later.”

– (2nd Feb 2013 -Saturday)

“So our topic is Dharma. We don’t have clear ideas. We mistake it for religion. See the technical meaning is- ‘that what upholds’, ‘that what makes things to more or to go’. The laws, eternal laws. Now we unfortunately don’t know them, our law is our own personal pleasure, and things connected, Security, nourishment. That comes down to a very low level. As We have grown up intelligent, we also have some laws that govern our relationships with others, with our larger world- nature. But this requires a thinking , this requires deeper perception, which unfortunately we don’t have. We are too lost in our own self and have provided our self. We have money, we have a house, we have food, and we look after our own near and dear ones, and that completes the job. So we have to consider whether that is enough. Whether sincerely, we have any other duties. Even though it may be the modern times and everyone is hurting others for their own personal growths, is there still any duty left? Let us think on that.”

– (3rd Feb 2013 – Monday – Dharma)

“So the question is, we are made that way. That we get attracted and we also hate. These are deep intrinsic qualities. So in a way we are helpless. Right from the little child, who is attracted to some colourful toy, we also seem attracted, and we do struggle, and this struggle is not fruitful. The only answer is carry on, keep up and don’t lose heart. However much things attract interest, please, none of these qualities to be entertained. If you can just observe things, and show some normal courtesy and leave it there. But no sooner you start getting closer, and admiring, and desiring and wanting, you are surely getting trapped and it is impossible to get out of that trap. Unless the individual has, right from the beginning, maintained at that kind of attitude- a neutral attitude- balanced attitude, just cant save himself. This we don’t understand, and at a very late stage we keep on struggling. So this is the message today. I don’t know how you react.”

– (4th Feb 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 3.33, 34)

“Very interesting topic, and that is money. We live for that and every moment we are thinking of it. See this is actually one out of the four considerations of life – Darma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. But somehow, in what we call as the materialistic culture, it is at the top. And moves our life. See, we have that as the main thing in a city like Mumbai with the problem of transports, etc. one hardly gets few hours to oneself in the day. See to understand the proper place and limited use would make a Yogi. Even the Yogi can do it. See imagine the man who founded this Institute, he was the son of a school teacher living in a village and after that he didn’t do anything just to make money. He carried on his normal life, had good physical health, impressed people with his personality and was responsible for people joining him, contributing to this land, its construction, no wrong method of making money. There were occasions – he was invited once by the Governor of Bombay and he was one of the richest man at that time, Sheik Saria and he told him that he will give (at that time) 3-4 lakhs of Rupees, only condition is that you should name it Sheik Sari Institute. Yogendraji told him flat on his face that “I know Patanjali Yoga, I don’t know Sheik Saria Yoga. I am sorry.” So this kind of definite attitude should come. You know the place of money and you know the place of morals and ideals.”

– (7th Feb 2013 – Thursday – Artha)

“So we have these Sutras telling us how objects tend to immediately catch attention and hold it. We had started with friendliness and such things and now we are about some sensory impulses. See, the brightness immediately catches attention. Mind can immediately get concentrated. Now of course, these are the statements in the literature. How far it can work, sometimes it can be very very dangerous. A man concentrating on the sun and lost his eyes. So we just have to read them and recognize that there are ways to hold the attention and begin with something simpler just like the Trataka that we do. One of the suggestions there is to close the eyes and look at the sun. So in that way, various bright objects can be considered – the flame of a lantern or light – that is also an object. But what we understand is, something that can catch the attention and hold it would be a good way to learn concentration and hold it.”

– (1st Feb 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 1.35)

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