Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (10th August – 16th August)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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10th August 2013 – Saturday – Perseverance
“In yoga, there is the distracted mind and the steady mind. The distracted mind doesn’t allow us any progress, we simply get lost. We start with great ideas, but on the way temptations, diverse interests, they come in and as a result the object is left off and the unnecessary ideas stay back. That’s how we have all those stories also, a man goes with some noble ideas, but on the way he gets lost. And this is not something that happens somewhere at the end, this is there right from the start. See as a beginner in yoga, this is like a game of chess and they finish us off, till it is enough and we say ‘I can’t carry on’, because the material interests are very strong. So this is the point that has been made out, I don’t know how you take it. ”

11th August 2013 – Sunday – Are we spiritual?
“These questions are very difficult – What is most important in life? We are being alive and there are moments we are happy and moments we are not happy and we just muddle through. But that kind of deep understanding doesn’t come and so at the end of life, we are still disgusted people; just pulling through.”

12th August 2013 – Monday – Krishna Shukla Karma
“You see these black and white actions, that is what we are discussing. Of course we know these words, but we never implement. Black actions harm and white actions do good. But we cannot do that, we like to harm and we don’t mind, and this goes on all our life. You see in Yoga we change the attitude. See great men, they don’t have to get angry and shout. There was a drunkard, rich man, Madhavdasji was very specially requested to talk to him, which was not the custom of Madhavdasji, but being a very rich friend, they took him from his place in Mumbai- a place of business for gold and silver. And he was staying in that, he saw the man just lying, still. Madhavdasji looked at him and naturally that mans attention also went to him. And he just gave one instruction- ” Don’t touch opium again.” And then he went away. From that day the man never touched opium. So the instructions don’t have to be very lengthy. We instead give long, long talks, explanations and they are not followed.”

13th August 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita 5.1-2
“The question is there of Arjuna, sanyasa and then the idea of karma yoga. See one likes to do actions, but there is a limitation. Between these two, sanyasa and karma yoga, it is karma yoga that wins. One just carries on ones action, not bothering about what others say. And as a result- our anxiety- nothing of that kind, just actions that are destined. This is the practicality of life, as far as yoga is concerned. The other things are there, but this is the basic.”

15th August 2013 – Thursday – Akrishna- Ashukla Karma
So today we have a day which is neither black nor white. Neutral. We are supposed to do Good actions. Naturally, the yogic actions. It is in pairing of this yogic attitude.

16th August 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.12
“You see, actions, they are actions. Intentions are different. It is the intention that decides. And as a result an action we consider as good, bad or indifferent. The Yogi’s intentions are always clear. He has no bad intention and he does actions with clear ideas, one pointed mind and sails through life without problems. That is the approach.”



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