“Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (14th September – 19th September)”

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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14th September 2013 – Saturday – Ashtanga Yoga
” We have this general topic of ashtanga yoga- Eight fold path of yoga, that is what yoga sutra is. Where at the start it tells us that yoga is stoppage of the mind. One side we stop the mind and the other side eight things to think of. So that’s the way we are told in the yoga sutras.

15th September 2013 – Sunday – Pratyahara
“We have kept our mind too soft/weak and that is why it is running wild all the time. Because of this, we are not involved in the work at hand, we cannot concentrate properly. For this, yoga gives us a simple technique – keep the mind one-pointed. And for this, we just have to maintain control over our senses. By doing this, the mind stops running around and becomes focused on one thing, it becomes concentrated. So yoga techniques are very useful and by practicing them bit by bit, it brings out good results in us.”

16th September 2013 – Monday – Brahmacharya
“So we have this topic Brahmacharya; you see these are story like statements, we go on repeating these things from early times, but we don’t follow, we don’t believe in them, we complain that the world has changed. So the basis of Yoga is lost- A strong belief in certain values. We live according to the needs, and the needs are of any kind. This is a point worth considering, whether these concepts have much meaning or they are just museum pieces to remember, mention and just leave it. What do you say? ”

17th September 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita 5.12 -13
“This is a simple message, that the world will carry on, you can’t change it. All that is given to you is, do your work- it’s a very simple message. We try to interfere with the work, we want things to happen in a way we like and there’s the problem. You see , ‘unattached’, one who is able to function in that fashion, he is the one who is happy. The sun will rise- you need not cry for that. Large processes in life, they carry on. We do not get up in the morning to see whether the heart is beating or not, it will beat. So this is the point which has been emphasized over here. Let us see what you have to say. ”

19th September 2013 – Thursday – Aparigraha
“No greed. Be content with what you have”


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