Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (18-24 May 2013)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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18th May 2013 – Saturday – Way of Life
“There is a very good sentiment expressed in our in Indian culture, “Sarve Jana Sukhinah Santu“- May everyone be happy. It is a universal statement. Constantly feeling that way, talking, acting, doing. Now, rarely do we have these feelings, we do say, ‘Good morning’, but that is the end. To carry it further, to think well, to do something, this we are not doing. It is worth considering, whether we can maintain this kind of thought all the time.”

20th May 2013 – Monday – Asmita
“We have these various kinds of Samadhis, the lower dealing with the immediate, physical and the higher, final dealing with the subtlest. So Asmita is practically the next, the last- The ‘I’ sense. We are so attached to this. So the effort is, step by step to understand the strength of these kinds of feelings and overcome them. So that one is beyond this sense of I , and me and mine and all that. So these are Samprajnata Samadhis.”

21st May 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 4.18, 4.19
“You see these are the central shlokas, they tell us the message. Being busy externally doing action, and externally not doing action and yet things happen. Like Tata doesn’t have to be busy with pliers, he is sitting in a chair, yet things are happening. We believe that carrying on physical action is the real thing, but while carrying out physical action we do not apply our mind and we create a lot of confusion, with a pointless understanding. Whether we should be busy externally and feel satisfied, or remain quiet, watch, observe, at the right moments insert right actions. We can find out- what is the right thing.”

23rd May 2013 – Thursday – Ahar
“The saying in yoga is ‘Anam Brahman‘- Food is God. This is strictly followed because deviation in food influence the mind. See in the ashrams, the teachers were very particular- No non-veg, no spicy food, absolutely simple, that is how Yogendraji lived for 3 years. Today unfortunately we can’t follow it. We are brought up in a way, we want to enjoy and that comes in the way, we want to enjoy everything. We don’t want to sacrifice. This trait is not in our dictionary. If a thing is available we jump, it is unfortunate and its coming in the way of our study of Yoga also.”

24rd May 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 1.51
“We use the word ‘Shut Up.’ But the word ‘Shut Up’ here, is a complete shut up. Shut up in thoughts, shut up in expressions, feelings; blanking the mind out, which we are unable to do. Even if physically we don’t speak, the mind is working. What is expected is a state of consciousness which is absolutely quiet. When that is achieved, then the higher consciousness becomes available, otherwise the ordinary consciousness keeps on interfering and we have no idea of about this highest state. This is a very important truth ending the first chapter.”

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