Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (21st September-27th September)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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21st September 2013 – Saturday – Yogic lifestyle
“We will begin the day with some good thoughts, call it auspicious thoughts. Well, this thinking, it influences. We go on thinking in the same way later on. If we have got positive thoughts, then the feelings start positive and this adds to the next. The Indian thought, as you know in the Shanti Mantra or the Gayatri Mantra, they are very proud. They encourage this feeling of goodness, peace, quietness, love. These are the customs, think nice, think good, think auspicious, whereas all the other things, don’t think of them.”

23rd September 2013 – Monday – Saucha
“So we are thinking about cleanliness, naturally cleanliness of others- as we are clean- so we become externalized, and that is a fact. We never try to understand ourselves. We internally are very unclean but, who can see that? We don’t see it, the others see it. So we have an abundance of dirt and carry it through. That’s how we have to understand this uncleanliness.”

24th September 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita 5.14-15
“This fact, we never understand; that we are the doers and everything that is happening is a result of our own actions. This we just can’t accept, though that is a fact. Right from the birth, every move has its consequences. So the attention has to be in understanding our own nature, our behavior, our connections, understanding life, these are the things that need attention. But we instead, are interested in other people, their mistakes, problems in this world and what not. This is a very central thing and is the cause of all our problems, pain and suffering, right till the end.”

26th September 2013 – Thursday – Santosa
“See in Indian thinking they have thought about certain mental qualities that are very necessary, at the same time too much of them can also become damaging. Santosa is one word. Santosa would mean contentment. Its a good thing, one can become too much content and one can generally maintain an aloof kind of a temperament. In proportion it is desirable, but not in excess. See we in our practical life also recognize this, that we have to keep on working- do our duties. But we can’t become too much excessive in these things. So this is a discussion on that santosa idea.”

27th September 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.18
“We are studying what is called as ‘samkhya’, This and Yoga , they go in combinations, it is a shastra. See it has to deal with numbers- sankhya. There are categories, out of them the chief is ‘prakriti‘- matter. So we are trying to study, in good details about material life, the material world and its nature and as a result realize its insignificance and create a little distance. Otherwise we are too attached to matter. Considering that as the only thing, the most important thing, which is wrong. See matter is for us to observe, to see, once we have done that then there is no significance. It is we who see, that is important. But we forget all that. We get lost into things, get affected by them and our whole life is a mixture of pleasure, pain. So this is what this sutra is trying to tell us about the three basics. The three basics in samkhya are prakash, kriyah, sthithi. Stithi is the stablest stable thing. This table is steady. My movement of the hand is movement –Kriya– and the eyes give me the visión –Prakash. So these are the three units, and they make up my whole world. If the vision is not there nothing exists. If I’m not trying to exert, no action. If external elements are not there to provide me light, again, no progress. So there is a mixture. The material objects, the individual and knowledge. I don’t know if these things are clear.”




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