Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (27th July – 30th July)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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27th July 2013 – Saturday – Health
“They say ‘health is wealth’, but honestly does any one of us behave that way? We take it for granted. Do what we like, enjoy, and then we’re at the doctors clinic and that is the continuous cycle. That ‘prevention’ doesn’t exist and that is our whole life story. So ultimately by the time we are fifty and sixty we are in a very bad condition. And yoga keeps on shouting at the top of its voice- ‘ Please mind yourself, mind your own mind , your body and the way that you live.’ But do we follow it? We are too busy in enjoyment, things that come before and that, is the story of our life.”

28th July 2013 – Sunday – Maintaining Balance
“The main objective in yoga is a balanced state of mind. This is what we don’t understand. Any little event can disturb, any statement can upset us and most of the time, we are in that condition. Rather, the objective should be to keep an eye on this state and not allow it to get easily disturbed. There are people who can do this and as a result, they say things which are carried out, they are mentally steady, many changes occur. So it is worth considering this.”

29th July 2013 – Monday – Kama
“We talk about ‘Kama‘. This word is used, but in different senses. It is desire. It is there in a very subtle form and is very likable and it grows, it grows so powerful- that it can take over the individual. Kama, krodh, lobh.. these you can say are the basics. Emotions are powerful and motivating, we have to learn to master them. Desires come easily. See liking or disliking comes out quick. We like a certain shoe that is a certain colour , for no reason and then we stick to that. So the idea is not to create that like, which is very hard. Very naturally and automatically this kind of thinking happens and once they take charge, they grow on us and we will come to a stage where we die for it. So this is the point. Any questions?”

30th July 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita 4.38-39
“This is all in praise of knowledge. Once you get that, everything else is understood. It is the one who is following yoga and is holding on to the knowledge, gains the highest. Man with faith (Shraddha) gains the knowledge of internal Self. With the control on the senses, pursuing knowledge, the highest is acquired.”


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