Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (29th June – 5th July)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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29th June 2013 – Saturday – Thought
“So its a new day, possibly new year also. Some good things can happen. We should be optimistic, not drawn by the pessimism. Quietening the mind is the best technique, then you get good thoughts.”

30th June 2013 – Sunday – Positive Rituals
“I would definitely say that if you have faith, strengthen it. Don’t weaken it. There are many arguments, intellectual discussions that weaken this kind of faith and that is bad. There are no answers, why I should believe in this. They are there. They are there for one. And keep them. You do not have to repeat them but don’t deny them. It would ultimately help.”

1st July 2013 – Monday – Sanyasa
“We have Sanyasashram as the topic. Sanyasa is retirement, which we don’t like, that comes. See after a certain age the body becomes weak, people want fresh young people, but that mentality doesn’t come- we want to be at the top all the time. And that is why so much of disharmony. See if we can enjoy that kind of an attitude of acceptance, of what comes- it is not in your hands. Accept and carry on with what is required. That is the message.”

2nd July 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 4.31
“You see the Shlokas are about ‘Yajna‘- sacrifice. These sacrifices are done for a small purpose, some little gains. But what is finally said here, is sacrifice to God and you get everything. Don’t have a limited sacrifice. Various items have been mentioned. The Yajnas are there, sacrificial fires- sacrificing to Brahman– the highest reality. These are various items that are sacrificed to the highest Brahman, only keeping him in mind and no other desire, that brings all the results. These are exorbitant statements, but they are there in the Gita.”

4th July 2013 – Thursday – Avidya
“We are talking about Avidya– ignorance. Denying what is real and believing in money and material objects, pleasures as real. That is how our life is lead. Results- pain , suffering, worries. So this is the cycle of life. This kind of thinking helps us to change our attitude. Don’t believe in the unreal as real, find out the real.”

5th July 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.6
“This is more of a philosophy. The power of seeing, viewing, knowing, is a different thing. When this joins together with a feeling of union, oneness, that’s a very different thing. You see what you identify and that is how our perceptions happen. In our perceptions we see, there are different things, but we identify. ‘I see’, I know it is there. These are mistaken notions, but that is the way the mind works. Just like the eyes, they see, but the sight is not the eyes, but we believe in it. So these are the ways in which wrong knowledge come to us. And we accept it and function and become miserable also.”

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