Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (31st Aug – 3rd Sept 2013)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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31st August 2013 – Saturday – Yoga for Education
“We were expecting a group of 200 children but they have not turned up. We will talk a little about education. I don’t know how you look at this theme, yoga for education. Any ideas? (A student speaks) Is cleaning the nose yoga? (Another student speaks) You see, there is this word, Dincharya. It means routines. And as you know, in India, right from the early childhood this education was there, just like when to get up, what is the first activity one should do and all these little little things. They were actually taught and till a very advanced age the wise have followed it. So you see them living a very different kind of life. This education is not taught nowadays. The education that we learn is getting related to going to school, taking up a job and all that. So yoga education is a little different thing, more about life and living it.”

1st September 2013 – Sunday – Anitya Bhavana, Pratipaksha Bhavana, Nispandabhava
“Our mind has this unfortunate habit of jumping. When it is happy, it is very happy. It will think of only happy things. If it is unhappy, it will go into depths. At any time of our life, we can never say we are at peace. There is nothing like contentment, nothing like a good objective, these are all fluctuating. Here is a nice technique which helps. The help can be by experiencing and by staying in the different experience for a longer and longer time.”

2nd September 2013 – Monday – Niruddha Citta
“We have a mind and it will be, possibly overtime. There is no time when it does stop. Something or the other goes on. Now whether what it does is anything good, we don’t know. It will think about your neighbour, think about your brother-in-law in America’ many of these things are not necessary. As a result you will have worries and a whole lot of reactions. Actions are also there, we do something. This is the nature of the mind. You see, mind is not just one which can stay steady. In our case, we also know that. Now it does a lot of harm. Unnecessary thinking, too much thinking. The result is that right kind of thinking does not happen. We don’t mind when are having the petrol, we keep on using it. In actual fact we are misusing that petrol – too much thinking, unnecessary thinking. So that is why it is suggested that reduce the thinking. The question that yoga puts forward is the advantage of not thinking, which we don’t experience. When you save all the energy, what kind of strength will come? These are the kind of questions that we will discuss. I don’t know whether they are interesting questions…”

3rd September 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita 5.8, 5.9
“Things will move according to their own ways, accept them and carry on. Very ordinary sentence but that is the message. We need not get too involved , get too anxious, too worried, things will go on. Carry on whatever you are doing, isn’t it a very simple message?”

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