“Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (3rd August – 9th August)”

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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3rd August 2013 – Saturday – Mistakes
“See the idea is a standard idea, if you keep repeating, it gets strengthened. See now, learning yoga, we hardly repeat, read the sutra once till the end. If we can cultivate this habit that after we read something we again go over it, possibly once or twice, then the idea will sink. But we are lazy and we don’t give importance to yoga sutras so much, that is our problem.”

4th August 2013 – Sunday – Yoga: a medical therapy
“Yoga practices are really very simple. Though there are technical words, but what is meant is, pour slightly salty water in your hand, close one nostril and draw the water in. It will come out from the mouth. Nothing will happen, we need not get frightened. We should do it every day and in 2-3 days, your nasal problem will get solved. So here are simple techniques. We are very careless about this and depend more on medicine, nasal drops, etc. So while you are learning yoga, you can add just for two minutes this simple technique and in a few days you will get all the relief.”

5th August 2013 – Monday – Krishna Karma
“So we have this black and white business in karma also. Actions done deliberately with the intention to hurt, those are one kind of action. Actions done where the hurt idea is not so strong but by mistake it may happen, this one is okay. Actions done with no desire to hurt- that again is another kind. So we have to take care that when you are carrying out actions, what are our intentions? They are never pure, and they can be hidden there. Take care not to cause hurt- that is the lesson.”

6th August 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita 4.38-39
One who is has doubts, he finishes himself. So having clarity is recommended , that there is spirituality and one can attain it and not to be worried. That is the main thing here.”

8th August 2013 – Thursday – Shukla Karma
“See, we are talking about good actions- ‘shukla karma‘. And the definition is, that we should not hurt. We mostly are looking for some applause, that we should not do. You do things that are right, and don’t look back whether people liked it or not. That is a very hard policy, but there are people who have lived like that.”

9th August 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.11
“See, this is now pertaining to ‘dhyana’– One who has total disinterest in material things, and is one-pointed. He gains knowledge and understanding and ultimately he can reject all kinds of temptations. So this is the concept that we discussed.”


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