Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (4th-10th May 2013)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
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4th May 2013 – Saturday – Inaction
“Talk on ‘inaction’, which is our national trait. If we can avoid something, we will avoid it. We do what we do out of leisure, but we just like to do nothing. There are many things that we all could have done in life, for the good of our own people, but we just don’t do. Not that the jobs are very hard. It may be just picking up a paper lying on the road and putting it away, but we don’t do it. So inaction has become a trait. This is a bad habit. If we are otherwise free, and are capable, we must carry out actions that are required. It is worth considering, whether we are of that kind – who are trying to do actions as required, or are trying to find out ways and means to avoid actions.”

6th May 2013 – Monday – Aisvariya
“The topic is ‘Aisvariya‘. A feeling of availability of all that you need, and contentment. You see, these are known virtues. But if you analyze, you somehow miss them. There are more things that we want, continuous uncertainty, that’s our life. A true Yogi, he doesn’t want anything, whatever he has he is quite happy. When Madhavdasji, had nothing but a piece of cloth, he walked down to Malsar, found a little piece of land, lay down his cloth, tied up some more cloth on the head and then lived there. That was his hut or Math or whatever, and he lived there all his life. But that feeling we can’t have. As soon as we sit down on a piece of land we start looking around. We have to see whether these are virtues that we can ever absorb. Whether they are worthwhile or they appeal. We have to mentally clear this. Otherwise in spiritual life these are very essential. A continuous wish from desires and pursuits , it disturbs. One can’t experience peace. Worth considering..”

7th May 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 4.14, 4.15.
“It is a simple thing that the Gita tells us- ‘Do your job’. Don’t look around, don’t watch other, what they are doing or what they should do. This can be a very controversial issue. The important point is ‘you’ and the things before you. Each one have their place, have their responsibilities. If you have to function in life, we should know only whatever stands before us and don’t stand and argue about what others should do and what the world is like and all that. This is a very simple , straight forward message in this great book- Bhagvad Gita.”

9th May 2013 – Thursday – Vitarka
“These are sutras dealing with concentration. Now as you know, yoga is concentration and naturally this concentration is superior. So many details are given. There are various ways in which we can look at things. Technically Vitarka, Vichara, Ananda, Asmita and it goes on like that. We are unable to carry on this in our own life because when we concentrate on one object, the mind runs on so many things. But we should know that yogis are able to go very deep and as a result understand, and this is a very thorough understanding.”

10th May 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 1.49
“Knowledge that we get through logic or through our eyes is one kind of knowledge. It is limited. Intuitive knowledge is another. And the Yogi is wise in this intuitive knowledge. See when Yogendraji, as a student in college, not interested at all in yoga was told by his teacher, ‘Come on with me.’ and leaving his college; it was an unusual thing. And he followed him. For two and a half years he learnt and what he learnt revolutionized yoga. So that’s the kind of knowledge. Not the ordinary knowledge from a book or a school.”

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