Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (7th-12th July)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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7th July 2013 – Sunday – Difficulties in the Study of Yoga
“We have difficulties in life in everything we do, because we are not clear in it. What is it that we usually want? Whether it is clarity, peace of mind, money, pleasure, we are not clear. So we succeed in one area – make money, but suffer in another area – getting peace. And it goes on. I think gaining some clarity is very necessary. And even little time spent in that everyday can help us. We don’t need to spend too much time doing Puja and meditation but allowing the mind to settle down, to become peaceful and in that condition searching out people who can share. Small efforts of this kind may in the end help in deciding what is the right thing to do. So let us invest our time in a correct manner and come to know what is really important.”

8th July 2013 – Monday – Asmita
“The Gita is basically a philosophical book. The ‘I’ sense and ignorance makes us to believe that there is nothing good in me. This is a powerful Klesha or wrong knowledge, we spend our life in this kind of thinking. So the Gita will now speak about this kind of wrong knowledge of ‘me’ and ‘mine’, which is creating havoc in our life.”

9th July 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 4.32-33
“These are the famous Shlokas of the Gita. You see many Yajnas have been heard from the mouth of the Brahmanas. Offerings are made into the fires, Shlokas are repeated. These things go on. But these are basically related to words and gestures. No deep thoughts or feelings. That’s what is the main essence of this particular section.”

11th July 2013 – Thursday – Raga
“What we like is so easy, and we get stuck and actually that what we like, creates problems. Later on we can’t get out of that so the other things follow, jealousy and what not. So you have to control this feeling. That is how the start of self control begins.”

12th July 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.7
“Pleasure is what we chase. What doesn’t give us pleasure we avoid. This is the fundamental idea. Conversely whatever pains us we avoid, so this is the structure of our mind and this binds us. We have to get out of this circle. Even though things are not pleasant we don’t bother. So this is the main Sutra.”

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