Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (8th – 13th September)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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8th September 2013 – Sunday – Dealing with depression
“We all suffer from depression. Otherwise we wouldn’t get disturbed. We come to know, listen, but we don’t understand. You see, this ability to understand is a central factor. We give in to negative thoughts. Things are bad, going to the worst and all that kind. So we are a bundle of confusion, doubts, fear; there is no positivity. Unfortunately these have increased and today most of us have this kind of feeling where we take it that the world is going to the dogs, things are not going to get better, we have to just suffer and all that. Yoga begins with positive thinking. If you sit for a few minutes, eyes closed, watching your breathing; a good feeling does come and you get peace, mind is very clear, develop faith. If one can do it regularly, some amount of strength also comes. Those who have problems like depression, fear, they have to begin somewhere. Just thinking and feeling sad is not the answer. So many who have taken to yoga, they do some yoga practices, have good company, talk something better and changes happen. So depression has a good answer – do things, be optimistic.”

9th September 2013 – Monday – Satya
“So satya is the topic. We are all supposed to speak the truth, but we never speak the truth, because we have so many excuses. To overcome this one can spend a whole life time. We have great names like Ramachandra, who was a truth-speaking person, when he left his kingdom- he left everything, all that. But we can hardly do that. It is worth considering. Truth speaking is so important. ”

10th September 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita 5.10, 5.11
“These thoughts, of handing over everything and not caring even a trace- this is repeated. You see we have to get that into our spirit. We live in this world , we do our jobs, but beyond that we don’t carry anything- The central message of Gita. So we have the same repetition in the shlokas”.

12th September 2013 – Thursday – Asteya
“See, this is the word ‘asteya‘ – not stealing. Of course none of us will admit that we steal because the policemen are there. But stealing can happen in our thoughts, feelings , attitudes quietly. To control that is asteya. And it is very hard because we are full of desires, desires are the cause.”

13th September 2013 – Friday- Yoga Sutra 2.16
” See the pain that is yet to come, that is the problem. Pain that has happened that is not a problem. That is the sutra.”

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