Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra (1st-7th June 2013)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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1st June 2013 – Saturday – Acceptance
“See our topic is- ‘ uncertainties in life, ‘ it applies to all of us. Things are happening and we don’t know why, they will happen in the future also, the only logic is accept them and carry on. Intellectually it is very difficult to accept, we want to correct them. The truth is , life is very large and we can’t dictate. We are too small, so as we are living, things happen and you have to just face them. Don’t waste your time trying to change. This is a principle that has come down right from the earliest times, the words are- Charaivah itti– keep on the move, don’t argue. I don’t know if this kind of ancient thinking has any meaning for us.”

2nd June 2013 – Sunday – Aparigraha
“You see, we come here to listen and as soon as we go out of the hall we start forgetting. So the things that are being imparted are not really preserved. It’s a sad thing. You see, the value of such a lecture or a talk should be to gather, understand and apply. But we come more for fun, entertainment and hardly believe it. So this attitude should change. We should try to understand and even in a small way, apply. Just watch yourselves whether in the whole day you have been purchasing things unnecessarily, whether you’ve been acquiring and trying to hold on to these things. This will immediately reveal the truth of the whole matter.”

3rd June 2013 – Monday – Vichar
“You see it is about our brain box and its contents. It is a perpetual phenomenon. Once we open our eyes, it starts, and it never stops , till you again close the eyes. Whatever passes through is unknown and does very little good to anyone, but we enjoy it. So understanding doesn’t come, we just drag through life- which is a very sad thing. If we could have used our mind in a better way, just like Newton, or people of that caliber, using the mind to understand the world and know, the world would have been very different. But the use is just to make more money, get more strength and things like that. So Vichar is a powerful instrument, which we don’t know how to use.”

4th June 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 4.21, 4.22
“See there are three shlokas, all about disinterestedness, no desires, continuously working, all the objects of the world left off. We only work at a physical level. These shlokas continue one after the other. What they ultimately mean, is that kind of an individual who has lost interest in material things, he works, works sincerely, but no desire for any gains. Such individuals are there even today. They work hard with no desires except the completion of the work. You must have also come across some, we have come across many. It is ultimately about the attitude, one only thinks about the duty and that is the end. So in Karma yoga this attitude is important. So shlokas after shlokas are discussing these attitudes.”

6th June 2013 – Thursday – Maitri
“We have heard this proverb- ‘ A friend in need is a friend in deed’. We have so many friends, but they don’t come of help. Just ‘hello’, that is where the difficulties come. That deep kind of understanding, motivated relationship, the capacity to give up something for the others, these are things that don’t come because one is interested in oneself. Apparently One shows that one has great love, but in reality it is not there. So we live in a world like that, where everybody is a friend, But just this word. Earlier times maybe it was different, People do it willingly, maybe even give up everything. But gradually that system is gone, particularly in our modern culture, we are very particular about our own interests. So Maitri is a good word, Mitra is what we say about each other, but we don’t deeply believe it, we doubt- whether the other person is as sincere as we are. So its a superficial relationship.”

7th June 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.2
“The ultimate in yoga is Samadhi and a removal of the Kleshas. So having completed the first chapter, we talk about these things that the entire effort so far has been to bring in Samadhi and stop the Kleshas. Kleshas are some kind of wrong thoughts; we have seen them earlier. Clearing them makes the mind steady and steadiness brings in understanding. So that’s the sequence.”

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