Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra (30th March-5th April 2013)

The Yoga Institute, Yoga Guru
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

30th Mar 2013 – Saturday – Change
“Change is part of life, but we can accept change, but don’t try to create change. We unfortunately get so much excited that we also want to change. Let us study the change and then decide. But we are in a hurry. This is a mistake. See, let us rather become like good onlookers. See the value and handicaps of new things that are happening. Take time to decide. Immediately you see something, don’t try to become that. That’s what is happening nowadays. We are changing fast and it is a great thing also. It is worth considering.”

1st Apr 2013 – Monday – Brahmacharya
“So we have a topic like Brahmacharya, which is part of yoga study. And we all are as if not believing in Brahamacharya. We live as we like. Very strangely, in today’s newspaper, The american president and his wife are helping in conducting yoga classes in his own compound. So this is very strange. Brahamacharya is a kind of a discipline. Just as much as keeping silent, or sitting quietly. There should be no anxiety, that it might make the person Hindu, or what not. See basically discipline is required. One can’t allow ones behavior, mind running around and hope to progress in yoga- that is for certain. But the other kind of insistence that the person should not marry, that is wrong.”

2nd Apr 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 4.5, 4.6.
“So we have a verse from the Gita , which is very re assuring. We do feel sometimes as if there is none like God in this world, but we are assured that god is there and will be available whenever required. This concept of god doesn’t die. Occasionally the other kind of concept they show- when we become negative, and believe that there is nothing in this world to take care- this has to go. This is a point that each of us have to remember because we also lose heart, and we are told not to lose heart and to believe that there is a higher entity that takes care.”

4th Apr 2013 – Thursday – Aparigraha
“We are talking about Aparigraha. You see these are training’s We have been discussing several such trainings- cleanliness, contentment, fortitude. All these are called as the Niyamas. But what is suggested is , the desire to accumulate should stop. We have enough, that feeling should come. Every little thing that you look at can attract and you would like to possess. And there is no end to it. You see the possession are not these material things, but spiritual qualities, like non- greed. But we are not interested in anything. So while learning yoga, these are those points that have to be kept in mind.”

5th Apr 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 1.44
“So we are talking about concentration, and this has been divided extensively. There are gross things that you can easily make out and we are attracted to look at them possibly in some details, the details are many. The external appearance, the name. We miss out a lot. Just as we meet someone and try to describe we have very vague ideas. Then there is a subtler kind of concentration, when we go into the name ,the form and the qualities and what not. So that way we believe that we have understood. But from a yogic point of view that is also imperfect. There are many other details, about an object that we are not able to understand. And in yoga the effort in the Samadhis is to go to that minutest detail, and that is when you really know, otherwise the knowledge is imperfect. That is what this Sutra tells us.”

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