Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra (8th-11th June 2013)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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8th June 2013 – Saturday – Way of Life
“Think goodness towards all. That feeling may even be happy, has to be constantly created, unfortunately we have a converse feeling, if its a neighbour, a new friend, even a family member, we don’t think always good of them. We have some cause, we remember them, so that ultimately hurts us. Our mind gets into that mood and loses its own balance and sweetness. So we have to consider whether we can cultivate consciously these kind of noble feelings, how it can help us all the time. The idea is to fill the mind with something positive, something good, instead of trying to dig up some old things and feel sad.”

9th June 2013 – Sunday – Sauca (Purity of Body and Mind)
“The problem with us is that we don’t take matters or instructions very seriously. We just listen and half-heartedly try and miss. The advice given right from our childhood are very ordinary advice, but when sometimes the parents are hard and insist, the advice is followed and there are children who are obedient who carry it through and later on they outshine others. This tendency has to come from within us – inbuilt tendency. We get too distracted and miss out the spirit of instruction. I think everyone comes across this but doesn’t attend to it and as a result we are a bundle of instructions but are not able to follow any of this.”

10th June 2013 – Monday – Karuna (Compassion)
“These are what are called as Parikarmas in yoga. Karuna is one of them – Kindness, Mudita – being joyful at others’ happiness and like that. These are supports. They themselves can’t lead us too far but they can help. In yoga the idea is to strengthen the mind because as it is, it is weak. It easily falls into various attractions. So we have many such techniques which one can continuously meditate upon. Feel good about others, develop loving feelings, and that way indirectly strengthen our own mind. So we have these known as Parikarmas.”

11th June 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagwad Gita 4.24
“See the gita wants us to accept one reality, not many. If we say God is one, then God is everywhere. We can’t see it in one place and not another. So it is a very powerful idea and practically all throughout the gita this idea is being repeated; here also the same idea.

Brahman is the offering, Brahman is the recipient , all this is creation of Brahman and keep this one thing in mind. Unfortunately it becomes very hard for us to believe in one such abstract entity, and forget everything else except Him. But the injunction is clear, that unless the mind is one pointed and totally submissive, you can’t progress in spiritual life. This is the message.”

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