Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (16th March – 21st March)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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16th March 2014 – Sunday – Bringing up children
“Our Theme is, how to make the child acquire some good thoughts, thoughts related to culture, etc. But unfortunately, we come to English language, we come to certain mannerisms and in the end, we are expecting that the child should have learnt our traditional Indian thinking. I see certain contradiction here.

See, in our own life, we are leading a different life. We are out for showing-off our westernized style of living, we want to amass articles that are appreciated by the westerners and to such an extent we become westernized but we don’t mind. But unfortunately, that is the objective. We want to pick up all that western culture and our children become of that kind but in the end, we want them to maintain some of the eastern culture. The two are totally opposite. But we are not able to see it.

So unfortunately, our desires are good but the applications are wrong. So what we see today are children who go to foreign schools, western schools, who are learning more foreign languages, foreign mannerisms, read books that are glorifying western facts and in the end we see very very little of the eastern manners, thinking, attitudes, which is a sad thing and this is going to continue. So let us keep this in mind, let us see if we can bring a little of these eastern oriental ideas for the children if we are interested in bringing that into their mind.”

17th March 2014 – Monday – Santosha
“See, we are talking about the niyamas. These things are like exercise, we have to work at it. The other things , they are different- not to hurt, the idea here is these things are inspired. We just don’t feel like doing certain things and then it can stick- that can stay long. Ordinarily, reminders have to be given. So we have to distinguish, where we have to push and where these things just happen automatically.”

18th March 2014 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita (6.28 – 6.29)
“You see, seeing God everywhere and seeing oneself in God, that is the way one has to think. Not that God is somewhere else. And where ever he is, the disciple is also there. See this creates the sense of union, oneness and one never forgets God. See this is mentioned in these four shlokas. The sinless yogi does submerge himself always in God, Easily enjoys the infinite bliss of oneness with the absolute and the yogi whose mind is deep in yoga, looks on all with an equal eye, sees his self present in all beings, and all beings within his self . See you are creating a mentality where you are thinking only of God. And even if there is any other thought it is all dedicated to Him, there is no separate thought. So it is the highest kind of spiritual awareness. I don’t know how you take it.”

20th March 2014 – Thursday – Tapa
“We have yamas and niyamas. Niyamas are tapa, penance. Tapa destroys impurities, even extraordinary powers comes through tapa. The will or unusual happenings that come through tapa, should be used limitedly. One should not keep working hard only for power because then it does not contribute to spiritual progress”.

21st March 2014 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.42
“Gita talks about the ‘ultimate’. See when a sense of happiness reaches its full and there is nothing further, that is what is considered as the highest. See ordinary happiness can always be measured. But in case of Yogic happiness, it is always the highest, nothing to measure. This is the statement. Can we imagine it? How?”.



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