Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (17th February – 20th February)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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17th February 2013 – Monday – Ekagra Citta
“So we have this topic of Ekagra citta. A citta which is one pointed. Now this is a very important topic because we, unfortunately, have a mind which is all the time running around. If you tried to study and discover, we just cannot hold on the attention for long, and what can be the reason? All this useless incorrect thinking. So our decisions also are going wrong. Whereas the study of yoga is to make the mind one pointed, that is the starting point. If there is a good base then subsequently, judgements will be right, actions will come out better. That is where starts yogas citta vritti nirodah. Today we are also talking about Ekagra – one pointed mind: concentration, pursuing correct decisions and succeeding in various areas. People who have managed to maintain one pointed mind have laid down the path for humanity, and whatever we are doing, thinking is based on this. So this is a starting point in yoga, complete control over the citta. Citta is translated to ‘mind’ but its more than that. The entire consciousness where it percolates”.

18th February 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita (6.20 – 21)
“See these are descriptions of the highest stages, which of course are too abstract for us. When the mind stops, completely controlled through yogic techniques, is contented, experiencing himself by himself, he attains the highest happiness only gained by the intellect beyond the senses. See in that stage one doesn’t have any other sensations. See this is the description of a person who has reached those higher stages, we of course are no where near it. We only realize when these are matters of the highest level, only understood by the intellect, beyond the senses. Just a matter of experience”.

20th February 2013 – Thursday – Nirudha Citta
“See the description is about a steady state of consciousness called ‘nirudh chitta’, a mind that doesn’t think- stoppage of the chitta. But we can’t imagine it, we want the mind to be busy, the mind itself remains busy, that is its nature. The contention in yoga is that it is such a mind that really comes to understand everything about life. The thinking mind is handicapped, limited, the attempt in Yoga is to reach that nirudh state. We’ll just discuss it”.


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