Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (1st March- 7th March 2014)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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2nd March 2014 – Sunday – Victory over bad habits
“You see, one of the bad habits we have is to say that I have no bad habits. That makes it easy. Realizing that I have a bad habit could have helped. But this doesn’t come out from our mouth. Things enter into us and we automatically do things and while we are doing it we realize that this is a bad habit. But our standard statement is, “Next time I’ll not do that.” But that next time doesn’t come. So what it means is, when I know that it is a bad habit, I have to there and then decide and act. If I have taken a cup of tea, and I have decided I should not take it, I should immediately put aside the cup and not say that when I finish, “Next time, I will not take it.” This happens in every area. We give some leniency. That leniency also has to go. If you know that this is a bad habit, you just act on that and never again touch it.”

3rd March 2014 – Monday – Asteya
Asteya is the word- not stealing. Of course we all don’t steal. But then in actual fact we do it. Only we do it very subtly. See these are certain kinds of evils that enter us early- take away things which belong to others, try to show that you’re very honest, we just can’t survive if we do not quietly snatch away things that are not ours. It is a bad habit, it will begin in the schools, snatching away someones rubber, pen. We have to understand why it happens. We want to look better than others, we want to have more than others, we can’t remain content. And that little thing grows, big things happen. So we can discuss this, why do we lose contentment? why do we quietly steal, even though we may have? Just think on that.”

4th March 2014 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita (6.24 – 6.25)
“We are talking about withdrawing the senses, the mind , the intellect and everything from the outside world, which is a very tough thing. See these sankalpas have to be removed and all that follows it- the thoughts. So once the mind is totally withdrawn, then begins the next process. The mind is deeply involved, the mind and the buddhi is involved in the highest. Highest God, or whatever word you use. It is established there and has no other thoughts. See, having no other thoughts is important, but before that the object is necessary , the object is there and then no other thoughts, before that-withdrawal. So many steps are involved. Keeping the buddhi fixed, total disinterest or fixed attention to God. When one reaches that, practically thoughtlessness, then begins the real yoga. Usually we can’t. The mind is still running around , the intellect is not fixed, desires are there, so concept of God is very far. Do you think that we can reach that stage?”.

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