Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (29th September – 4th October)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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29th September 2013 – Sunday – Relaxation and tension
“There is tension in speaking and there is tension is in your coming here and listening. Tension is there all the time. Finally, it is your attitude that matters. If you take life as it comes – no tension; and if you take every event in life as a great event, challenge, tension is there. We have to learn how to accept. Otherwise we are always trying to get ready and face and that is causing tension. We have never learnt it till the end that a balanced mind, which carries out its activities, does its job, can become relaxed. But a mind which is not ready, always trying to prepare itself, face situations, rise up, achieve excellence, gets into tension. We have to accept life and it can be of great help. Accept it as it is and do your best.”

30th September 2013 – Monday – Tapa
“So tapa is the topic. Tapa is ‘taap’ something that can pain. You see we face difficulties, inconveniences standing in a queue or catch a train; problems are there. We learn to strengthen the mind and don’t bother about the city life, otherwise city life is impossible. I know of a villager who came, he just stayed for a few hours and ran away. He says it’s a terrible place people standing in line, people rushing. So the mind has to be very steady. In a way these are trainings for the mind. Otherwise the mind that we have is not fit”.

1st October 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita 5.16-17
“The discussion is about highest knowledge. One who has attained that, does not naturally require anything else, everything is clear and the highest also is known. Only the motivation to work in that direction and not getting lost in the lower ego intelligence and that kind of knowledge, that is the statement. The next is that one who is established in that, who have got that knowledge they, are called as wise, and they don’t have to go on repeating old mistakes and have the same old problem. So these are clear instructions in the ancient literatures, we don’t believe in them so we keep on doing those things and suffer and then approach a psychiatrist or an astrologer to find out our problems. This is what the problem is: understanding is lacking”.

3rd October 2013 – Thursday – Svadhyay
“So we have this Niyamas just as we have the Yamas. Yamas are the don’ts and the niyamas are the do’s. So do self-study is a must, but not must as the Yama is. Sometimes we can miss it. Some time should be spent in swadhaya study of the scriptures, study of the right sayings, study of superior peoples advise, because we are not complete: we lack, and these things become like supplements, so it’s necessary. So the activities that are suggested as a Niyama contains this Swadhyay.

4th October 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.19
“We are thinking with the samkhya; that’s the system: ‘samkhya and yoga’. So we are thinking from that point about this external world, how it is made. So the discussions are of that kind. There are things that are vishesha seen, in form, colour, size, shape; these are material world and then we have the avishesha which have none of these characters, but which are there in the nature of awareness consciousness… they are there. So these makes up the world and once we understand it then problems are less. We get unnecessarily muddled up with changeful things like pain at loss, happiness at gain and that kind of fluctuation goes on all our life. So samkhya makes us understand that these external changes go on happening, they are not reality.”





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