Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (5th October – 11th October)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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5th October 2013 – Saturday – Navratri
“So today is supposed to be a good day – Priyadarshini. Traditionally it was victory. Now it is up to us if we want to understand it. To start and aspire for good is up to us. Generally we don’t. We see everything evil and so we are facing that kind of life. It is good for us to find out.”

7th October 2013 – Monday – Ishvarapranidhana
You see we are on the Niyamas that’s the second step. Things that are already ordained, and we understand and do it and don’t challenge. Our tendency is always to push our ideas and we tell ourselves we should be like that, and it may not be like that. Because who are we?

10th October 2013 – Thursday – Dharma
“We are talking about these 4 motivations. Dharma. The Buddhi has got 4 chambers; it has responsibilities, and that is how the whole system carries on. It is a gross responsibility to our near and dear and, as a result, of our own mind. So we are quite sincerely involved with the world believing that these are duties, but these duties are very superficial temporary; only keep on creating tension, worries… that’s how life goes. There are larger arrangements according to how the world is going, but we put ourselves into it and consider something as proper – improper, and that makes us very tense. So there are the dharmas”.

11th October 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.20
You see they talk of the seer that is consciousness, and the seen that is external world. The external world is just for seeing, its pure it doesn’t have any particular picture on it, but what we see is all coloured it’s not pure. These are where the problem comes. We get mixed up and we can see. We have the capacity to see the external world as it is. But we just can’t see. We see it in some colours, some form some shapes. This is what the sutra is saying.”






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