Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (5th May – 9th May 2014)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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5th May 2014 – Monday – Achar
“See, Achar is the topic- ‘Behaviour’. These are important words. See the actions that we do, they become responsible for our future life. But we are not so mindful. Actions are done and we see the results when they come. However in Indian thinking it is different. The entire life is based on your actions and one has to be careful. Don’t just do anything anytime. You can practically mold your whole life on the basis of what you are doing now. So that care has to be taken. While doing an action, be careful.”

6th May 2014 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita (6.42 – 43)
“See it is in the family of the yogis that a yogi is born again and becomes a yogi. This of course is there but this cycle goes on. The yogis don’t die but take rebirth. So ultimately they completely dissolve themselves. You see till the ultimate resolution or revolution doesn’t occur, this cycle goes on. So these repeated births is distinct for the yogi, who has to be born and complete the mission and finally gain his salvation.”

8th May 2014 – Thursday – Vichar
Vichar is the topic. You see, the mind is working. You have to supply good thoughts. Sometimes we do not have good thoughts and all kinds of wrong thoughts fill up the mind and that makes our mind very unhappy. We have no enthusiasm or joy or understanding, everything thing going wrong, and like that. We are advised that let the mind also be engaged in good thoughts, consciously cultivated. We have to supply such thoughts. Most of the time we have filled our mind with improper thoughts – thoughts of sadness, loss and of that kind. Thoughts like God, we hardly have. So we can cultivate our mind and consciously bring in good thoughts – thoughts of joy, thoughts of understanding life, thoughts of meaning in life, and many more. We’ll discuss this and let us be more optimistic. Let us fill our mind with such thoughts that give us enthusiasm and give us meaning. We’ll discuss this.”

9th May 2014 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.49
“We are discussing about Pranayama. This is a strange state. This is where nothing is happening, everything has stopped. When the usual thinking occurs, there is inhalation and exhalation. It starts in motion, lot of thinking. But when this activity is stopped, mind is blank. So these are the suggestions. Reaching a state where the mind is blank. That is Pranayama.”


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