Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (6th April – 10th April)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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6th April 2014 – Sunday – Stability through asanas
“Asanas, we do. But then, the attitude which is being taught today is very important. The entire personality has to go with the exercise. When you say you are relaxed, it’s not showing your hands or your legs, but your entire body – the neck, the head and the various parts. If we can achieve that, then we have done a good Shavasana and you get results. But we hardly do it that way. We merely see a picture and just physically want to imitate for a few minutes and then get up and don’t see any good. So we are learning this attitude idea, which is very important. It has been done well (in the Satsang) and I hope it will carry some good message.”

7th April 2014 – Monday – Vairagya
“This is a very important word in Indian thinking because the highest can only be attained when we give up, so long as we hold on , we have all the ‘kachra‘(dirt) of the old. When we learn to throw away, the ‘kachra‘ goes and something new comes. It is a very difficult thing, whatever kachra we have it is right from childhood, little toys and money and possessions, people and we don’t know how to give them up and they create their own problems- pain, suffering, desires, what not. So in yoga there is a training where you learn to give up, bit by bit. And then a stage comes where you don’t own anything , don’t want anything. That is the time when we are at the best. Very difficult position, but is a must as far as the learner of yoga is concerned. I don’t know what are your opinions.”

8th April 2014 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita (6.33-6.34)
“See the mind cannot remain steady. It can’t perceive. That’s the kind of question. The mind is unsteady, continuously changing. So the answer is given, that unless it is fixed on God, it can’t become steady. This is for us to find out, whether this answer fits us.”

10th April 2014 – Thursday – Aishvarya
“See we talk about aishvarya, which means a sense of fulfillment. Having achieved practically everything else, a yogi finally comes to that stage where there is nothing further to be gained. A state of peace from experiencing that peace. So aishvarya is that kind of state, a sense of fulfillment. You have enough, you do not require more and there is contentment. We’ll discuss a little on that.









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