Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (9th March – 14 March)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra
Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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9th March 2014 – Sunday – Value system
“When you know that something you are saying is false and wrong, you should not say that. But we have no courage. We have other considerations and so we have got into the habit of telling things that can help us in getting out of a bad situation. So we have included a lot of untruth, cheating and what not. A man who speaks truth is a man with a conviction. He is not bothered whether a certain statement will help him or hurt him. He is just concerned with whatever is the fact and he will speak out the correct thing, the right thing, the truth. Now we have slowly come out of that and we keep on telling things that give us immediate benefits. All are untruth. And we are carrying on. But this has become a habit.

So this is the whole thing…we are not speaking truth. We speak lot of lies and we are carrying on. But these things leave a mark on our personality and we are growing weaker. Had we spoken the things correctly, truthfully, we would have strength and we would not have these kind of weak links. We have many instances like that where a person holds on to whatever is the truth and doesn’t bother about any results. They have addressed these things in the old literature, scriptures, but we don’t want to follow it.

You see, just my telling you to speak the truth, to speak the things as they are, don’t try to cheat, don’t speak lies, if these statements could help, I think you would be a different person. And you will be able to succeed telling the truth, whatever the result. Can you believe it? Can you believe that speaking the truth is the right thing and will help you in the worst conditions? – Well I have spoken truth and I have seen the results. Try it out. ”

10th March 2014 – Monday – Aparigraha
“See we often go to ‘stores’ and when asked, “are you going to purchase anything?”, we deny… “we are just going to go around have a look”. But when we go back, we might have lost all our currency notes and the bags also are full. So we cheat ourselves. We allow ourselves to buy just on the spur of the moment. But keep on claiming that we didn’t go to purchase. This is the kind of tendency. If you know about this tendency you will save some of the currency notes, otherwise the shop keepers are clever and can knock off all the money we have. Tell me, what are your views?”.

11th March 2014 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita (6.25 – 6.27)
“The idea is about keeping the mind steady. It has to be continuously brought to the spiritual consciousness. This is what the shloka says.”

13th March 2014 – Thursday – Saucha
“We are talking about niyamas, we have done what we call as the yamas, they are the first and the second steps of ashtanga yoga. See the niyamas are things that should be done as against yamas which are no’s, don’ts. So things which should be done includes cleanliness, both of the body and the mind. Godliness, it leads to seeing things clearer, things that are coming into our body -going out of our body, it makes us understand. Also it decreases ones affinity with others. Many things it does. See becoming conscious of others and saving ones self from their contact is itself a big thing, because we are immediately affected by close relations. Our thinking match with our feelings, so one has to be very careful when one is dealing with others. That is why they say that cleanliness is next to godliness.”

14th March 2014 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.41
“See, sattva shuddhi– when mind becomes pure, when there is self control, one pointedness, cheerfulness –prasanta , that is when the knowledge of the self appears. See, this knowledge, understanding, it arises only in certain conditions, mind has to be one pointed , pure, ready to understand the highest, also cheerful. So these are the five components. One can’t reach, suddenly, that stage. We expect this to happen just as we sit down, close the eyes and we expect this, but the whole procedure has to be taken. What do you understand?”.


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