Weekly Update: Talks on Yoga by Dr. Jayadeva (9th November – 15th November)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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9th November 2013 – Saturday – Living meaningfulness
“We talk about Good morning but do we mean it? You see we don’t. It’s just a word we use; sincerely we don’t think of god, we think of money isn’t it? We think of properties. It is said we should really think of money only for use. Life is more which consists of living, consists of something bigger which we don’t think… we hardly think. We should cultivate this since we come to learn yoga. We should cultivate this. Continuously repeat this idea of God, his existence, his help. Had we done that our life would have been different. We would have been living in a more meaningful way”.

10th November 2013 – Sunday – Avidya “We talk about so many lives, so many people, but when there are so many people, so many lives, we are one only. We forget this fact about this oneness of life and see so many and get very disturbed. Let us understand the fact that life is one, the spirit is one; the bodies are many. Let’s understand.”

11th November 2013 – Monday – Vihar
“You see we are using very interesting word; Vihar -recreation-; who doesn’t want it? But we don’t get much, we are all tense. The reason is that we are mentally not ready. We are not made up of that mind. We are tense, worried, not happy. So right from the morning tension starts. You see, all the day tension! We must learn to overcome this. This is what yoga teaches; be happy, be jolly. That’s what the yogi is ,they consider this. There is a lot of meaning in feeling happy; cheerful is yoga”.

12th November 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita 5.25
“You see, the holy men are destroyed when the doubts are there in them. They have no doubts ‘why this world’; all that is not there. You see, these are important points. When the doubts are there they are not holy. Then they worry and uncertain about giving advice. One should be free, independent and relaxed. This is what the verse says. These are very powerful thoughts; build up strength and not fear, not doubts”.

13th November 2013 – Wednesday – Samkhya Karika 7
“Today we are talking about the oldest system in the world on philosophy and it’s called Samkhya (Numbers) It has tried to enrise the world into numbers. See there are 25 numbers – 24 are gross and 25th is subtle. You see, these are ways of understanding this universe; it is very systematic. Those who are philosophers they make use of it and they are able to understand this new verse. You see the 21 and the 25 are divided into those that are material and we have to understand this. Material is matter. This is matter. The spirit within, consciousness. So we try to understand consciousness as different from the material world. The material world is inanimate, senseless. It is just pushed and carried on. There is no sense; it is useful like a mat is useful. A non material world is different; it is consciousness, awareness… understands, knows. So in yoga we are interested in this consciousness and it is a study of that. We are not interested in the material world. But unfortunately we are lost in this material world and it is a very needed item. Material world is not real! Spiritual world is real. We have to understand the spiritual and not the material, so yoga is a study of this spiritual world. Let us understand this spiritual world. It is a study which is a very important study and is the basis of everything. We come to know that later. Study of geometry, grammar and what not. The basic is the non material world which we have to study”.

15th November 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.25
“You see we are using this word ‘Prakriti’, which means – ‘the creator’- the matter. The matter out of which this whole universe is made. And spirit- consciousness, which has nothing to do with all this, just awareness. These are all important terms when you are learning ‘samkhya’, you have to understand- matter and spirit. Matter is the external world. Spirit is the awareness. When the two are mixed that is where the problem is. We are unable to understand matter as separate from spirit. So the entire exercise in Yoga is to separate the two, till a stage is reached where spirit is by itself. So this is the way the whole thing goes- learning to separate the spirit from matter.”


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