Weekly update : Talks on yoga by Dr Jaydeva (20th – 24th January 2014)

Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra

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20th January 2013 – Monday – Moksha
“Talking about ‘moksha’, it is the final word in Yoga. The wants and overcoming the wants. We have it but we don’t know-desires; we want this we want that, even if we are not satisfied, we always want more and more. There is a yogic kind of attitude, where there is a disinterest. With disinterest in all material objects, desires are overcome. Becoming desireless. Not the easiest thing. In yoga it is practically the end part. The person cultivates disinterestedness with every yogic technique, but desires are too strong and right till the end they don’t leave us.”

21st January 2013 – Tuesday – Bhagavad Gita (6.13 – 6.14)
“Those sitting here may not notice that there is a little rainfall. These two verses, they talk about a person who is sitting for meditation. The various details. The body, including the head, neck… they are kept in a line, steady. The person is not watching anything else, except the tip of the nose. Unmindful of anything around. This is the way a person in meditation should be. We don’t. We look at things around. We are not able to keep the mind steady on the tip of the nose, the entire body also is not very steady. The next stage is thoughts out; the one whose mind and the entire personality is absolutely in peace. There is no fear on who is established in the law of brahmacharya. That means there is a total devotion to that one act. That is all that is required of a person that is going into meditation. Mind is controlled, full attention on God, Totally lost, lost in God. The idea is, when you say you are doing meditation, the full personality has to be in God. And the other details, mind is controlled, fearless, quiet, etc. No doubt we are not able to do any of this. Our mind is unsteady, God is not the
only object. So this is the contrast, what we call meditation and what is actually meditation. So let us discuss; why we are not able to?”

23rd January 2013 – Thursday – Krishna Karma – “We have this word ‘black market’ and then also this word ‘ black deeds’, it is something similar. Actions done with bad intentions, hurtful and evil. These are things that happen to a person who has got a wrong kind of approach. We are discussing about the various kind of actions. Actions done by people who have the finest of intentions and people who have got, consciously, bad intentions. So this of course is nothing new to us, we are all accustomed to this.”

24th January 2013 – Friday – Yoga Sutra 2.34 “The obstructions to yoga are killing, falsehood -whether committed, caused or approved- either through excess greed or wealth or anger or ignorance… whether slight meddling or great degree, and they result in infinite ignorance and miseries. This is a method of thinking the contrary. See this discussion is about the contrary kind of thinking –pratipakshabhavana. When one is overwhelmed by this feeling of hatred or such kind of undesirable qualities, one should think of the contrary. See the obstructions that these kinds of behaviour will cause. See, pondering on it will help in reducing the strength for that kind of behaviour, because when we come under that influence we lose sense of proportion. For a minor mistake of our child we might thrash or shout or do anything. But if you are able to ponder on these things as mentioned earlier, these feelings will be reduced and they will be mild. So these are the statements that have been made – how to think on the contrary. So you can just think on that”.


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